Charles henry ashley

The Amlwch Industrial Heritage Trust rescued the old Cemaes lifeboat, 'Charles Henry Ashley' donated by Capt. Alec Robertson, a caravan park owner in Lligwy.

"The old, 38 ft long, lifeboat which was called out only 7 times in 25 years is to be given a new lease of life as a tourist attraction. The Charles Henry Ashley, which was manned by a dozen oarsmen and also powered by sail, is set to play an important role in an ongoing bid to relive the fascinating industrial and maritime history of Anglesey's North coast." - The Daily Post,March 16, 2000

The lifeboat was based at Cemaes from 1907 until 1932, when it was condemned by the RNLI because it was non self-righting. It is in relatively good condition, and has been put into storage at Porth Amlwch. Built by the Thames Ironworks Company, it cost just over £1090. It is one of very few of it's age and class still in existence.

The Trust has now passed the boat onto a group in Cemaes who have obtained funding to restore her to he former condition.

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