The Cymric an iron three masted schooner ( yard number 26) was built and launched from the William Thomas ship yard in March 1893 just 6 days before the death of Captian William Thomas.  She was 228 tons gross,123 feet long,with a draught of only 10.8 feet, wooden masts, no poop,a flaring bow and very square yards on her fore.The ship was used in the Thomas fleet and had sailed to the Brazilian port of Porto Alegre by 24/6/1893.
In the first world war she was converted in to a "Q" ship by the admiralty. She gave an outward appearance of an ordinary schooner but was well armed. She acted as a decoy ship and would attack submarines when they surfaced to attack her.
In the second world war the Cymric sank while carrying coal to Lisbon.