donald & Doris


The schooner Donald & Doris was built in July 1897 at the Amlwch shipyard of W.C.Paynter & Son. She was managed by the Duddon Shipping Association, part of a small fleet that carried the iron ore produced by the Hodbarrow Mining Company at Millom. She was named after the children of the Managing Director of the company. She was blown ashore in 1902 but survived.
She was sold in 1920 and survived to give service in the Second World War when aged 42 years.

Name Year Built Gross Tons Length (feet) Breadth (feet) Depth (feet) Masts Figurehead Stern Lloyd's Classn.
Donald & Doris 1897 142 96.7 23.5 10.5 3      

Sources :

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 Information provided by Tim Latham (Through Mighty Seas)