Ma james


A three masted topsail schooner built at Porthmadog by David Williams in 1900. her dimensions were 124GRT, 89.6'LOA, 22.7' Beam, and 10.6' max draft. Three master mariners from Borth y Gest were amongst the shareholders. She was a Newfoundland Trader and also carried slates to the Elbe on many occasions.
She was sold to Cardiff owners in 1917 then to Plymouth Co-operative Society the next year.
This ship ended up trading from the West Country in the thirties under Capt. W.Slade. During the war she was requisitioned, as were many similar fine ships, and used as a barrage balloon barge. This effectively wrecked the poor schooner and after the war she was left to rot on the foreshore at Appledore.