w s Caine

The 180 ton iron screw steam ship William Sproston Caine was launched from William Thomas's Iard Newydd in 1883 by Mrs Fanning Evans of Mona Lodge. The wife of the Manager of the Mona Copper mine. She was the first iron steamer to be built at Amlwch and indeed in North Wales. her contact price was £5000.

Her 50 HP engines were fitted by Messers De Winton and Co of Caernarvon.

Her sea trails saw a number of Anglesey dignitaries on board as she steamed from Caernarfon to Holyhead in around 2 hours. She then steered towards Amlwch which took 80 minutes to cover the 20 miles. while the 24 miles from Amlwch to Llandudno took 1 3/4 hrs.