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XM/479/18 1738 Dec. 29 1. Hugh Lewis of Pontnewydd [Bontnewydd], Esq..
2. Mary Price of Bewmares [Beaumaris/Biwmares], co. Anglesey, widow.
3. Elizabeth Williams of Tu fry, co. Anglesey, widow and John Griffith of Cefn Amlwch, Esq..
MORTGAGE for a term of 99 years of a messuage, tenement and lands with the appurtenances called Cefn or Cefn cil tyfi, and a messuage, tenement and lands with the appurtenances called Y Traian, pa.[rish] Llanwnda, for the securing of £100.
XM/4370/2 1882 July 6 LETTER: T. Millward, 36 College Road, Garth, Bangor, to Miss Ellen Edwards, Britannia House, Llangefni, hoping that Miss Lizzie and herself enjoyed their holidays despite the weather. Patagonia has written an account of the ’Seiat Fawr’in the Celt, which he is sending to her by concurrent book post for her perusal. He is going to Amlwch on Saturday and hopes to come as far as Llangefni. Asks her what she thinks of the photograph of himself he is enclosing. Mr. Clarke has taken others of him, and should they excel the enclosed copy, he will send her one.
X/POOLE/128 1798 1 Oct. COPY LETTER: Poole to Lord Bulkeley from Fareham, Hants. He has been asked by Mr. Price of Amlwch to solicit Lord Bulkeley’s interest for Thomas Roberts a cousin of Thos. Rathbone for the post of surgeon in the militia.
X/POOLE/149 1801 8 Oct. COPY LETTER: Poole to Lord Bulkeley at Baron Hill reporting on business connected with the county meeting and on two meetings which were adjourned for lack of attendance. With respect to the volunteer regiment, he had engaged a drill sergeant from Amlwch, but postponed the question because preliminaries of peace were being signed. Asks for Lord Bulkeley’s instructions on this point.
X/POOLE/711 1793 Jan. PRESENTMENT to Anglesey Quarter Session by Herbert Jones, Esq., J.P. of a road in the parish of Amlwch from a stream called Nant yr Hen to a stream called Pen y Bont.
X/POOLE/854 1793 27 Nov. LETTER: T. Williams from London to O. A. Poole. He agrees with Poole and the Corporation re divesting Lord Newborough of some estates. Also stresses the need for improvements in the town and its police force. Offers to discuss the question of the rating of mines in Amlwch at their next meeting.
X/POOLE/855 1793 20 Dec. LETTER: T. Williams of Llanidan to Poole; Poole will be visited by some Amlwch miners seeking stolen goods; he gives Poole instructions for handling them. Endorsed with Poole’s copy reply giving a report on his meeting with the miners. Some goods were recovered from the house of William Ishmael and his wife.
X/POOLE/857 1793 INFORMATION of Richard Timothy of the parish of Llaneilian, co. Anglesey, yeoman, and Hugh Rowland of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, re a theft of tools, etc. from Parys Mountain.
X/POOLE/866 1794 6 May LETTER: Thos. Williams to Poole. The weather was so bad while he was at Llanidan, he could not cross the water. He has since spent time at Amlwch and is now on board the Clermont Packet bound for Dublin. He will answer Poole on his return.
X/POOLE/896 1795 19 June COPY LETTER: Poole to Thos. Williams. Mr. Roberts, a young surgeon, is seeking the patronage of the Mine Co. at Amlwch and intends to move there. He is the son of Robert Isaac, a celebrated bone setter near Cricieth. The country people speak well of him but he does not seem to have studied Lord Chesterfield much. Poole is making this request on his behalf.
X/POOLE/921 1796 22 Feb. DRAFT NOTE to Wm. Hughes, Parys Lodge, Amlwch, Anglesey, re a demand on Parys Mine Co..
X/POOLE/1363 1820-1823 LETTERS to Messrs. Poole from Hugh Jones of Pencraig, G. B. Roose of Amlwch, Robert Prichard of Llwydiarth and William Vickers of Llanfair, Holyhead, re business of Sir John Owen, Bart; raising money for him; his business with Mr. Meyrick; collection of rents, etc..
X/POOLE/1696 1781 15 Sept. LETTER: Foulk Jones of Amlwch to Poole. He has found no wrecks or wreck goods apart from one boom which had been lying at Moelfre for several years. He arranged with Hugh Sion James and Evan Prichard of Tynewydd that it be sold for 15/- and promised them a crown for their trouble. However, they have now refused to pay him any money at all for it, though they sold it for 1 guinea to make a mast for a sand boat of William Evans at Moelfre. He asks Poole to call these two to account.
X/POOLE/2049 1811 DRAFT SURVEY AND VALUATION of the estates of Henry Earl of Uxbridge in the parishes of Penmynydd, Aberffraw, Llanbeulan, Trewalchmai, Heneglwys, Llangwyllog, Llanfaelog, Llanfaethlu, Llanbadrig, Amlwch, Llaneilian, Llanwenllwyfo, Penrhosllugwy, Llandyfridog and Coedana, co. Anglesey and Caerhun, Llanbedr, Bangor and Llanberis and Llanfair-is-Gaer, co. Caernarfon. (Gives parish, name of farm, valuation).
X/POOLE/2050 1811 5 Dec. COPY VALUATION of estates of the Earl of Uxbridge in the parishes of Aberffraw, Llanbeulan, Trewalchmai, Heneglwys, Llangwyllog, Llanfaelog, Llanfaethlu, Llanbadrig, Llangwenllwyfo, Amlwch and Coedana, co. Anglesey and Caerhun, Llanbedr, Bangor, Llanberis and Llanfair-is-Gaer, co. Caernarfon.
X/POOLE/2052 1811 4 Dec. COPY SURVEY of lands in the parishes of Aberffraw, Llanbeulan, Trewalchmai, Heneglwys, Llangwyllog, Llanfaelog, Llanfaethlu, Llanbadrig, Llangwenllwyfo, Amlwch and Coedana, co. Anglesey and Caerhun, Llanbedr, Bangor, Llanberis and Llanfair-is-Gaer, co. Caernarfon.
X/POOLE/2055 n.d. COPY SURVEY AND VALUATION of estates of Henry, Earl of Uxbridge in the parishes of Amlwch and Llaneilian, co. Anglesey. Gives name of farm, acreage of valuation)
X/POOLE/2056 1823 COPY RENTAL of the estates of Lord Anglesey, parishes of Llanedwen, Llanddaniel, Llanfihangel Esceifiog, Llangwyllog, Llanidan, Newborough, Llanfeirlan, Llangefni, Llanffinan, Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll, Llangoed, Llanfaes, Llaniestyn, Llanfihangel Dinsylwy, Llansadwrn, Penmynydd, Pentraeth, Llanbedrgoch, Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf, Llanddyfan, Llangristiolus, Trefdraeth, Aberffraw, Llanbeulan, Trewalchmai, Heneglwys, Bodwrog, Llandrygarn, Llanfaelog, Holyhead, Llanfaethlu, Llanfechell, Llanrhuddlad, Llanbadrig, Amlwch, Llaneilian, Llanwenllwyfo, Penrhosllugwy, Llandyfridog. (Gives name of property, name of tenants, rent, remarks, etc.).
X/POOLE/2079 1819 9 Jan. INSTRUCTIONS FOR LEASES from the Marquis of Anglesey in the parishes of Llansadwrn, Llanddyfnan, Llandysilio, Heneglwys, Holyhead and Amlwch. (Gives name of farm, tenant, acreage, rent, detalls of lease).
X/POOLE/2109 1812 MEMORANDUM as to Lord Uxbridge’s right to a lease of Llechog Uchaf in the parish of Amlwch.
X/POOLE/2110 1817 23 Jan. INSTRUCTIONS for leases from Lord Anglesey re Tyddyndai in the parish of Amlwch and other property.
X/POOLE/2143 1809 30 Aug. SALE NOTICE re estates in the parishes of Amlwch, Llaneilian, Llandyfridog, Llanbadrig, Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf, Penmynydd, co. Anglesey and Dwygyfylchi, co. Caernarfon. (Giving tenant, farm, acreage, and rents.) With a contract between O. A. Poole, agent for the Earl of Uxbridge, and the trustees of William Lewis for purchase of the above estates.
X/POOLE/2168 n.d. MEMORANDUM re Penbol ucha parish of Amlwch and Rhosybol, parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey.
X/POOLE/2174 1826 21 Nov. CASE AND OPINION of Thomas Sheppherd re lands of John Price comprising part of Cae Rhos farthin in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey now to be sold to the Marquis of Anglesey.
X/POOLE/2284 1812 23 May 1) James Roose of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, gent. 2) William Hughes of Madyn Dysw in the parish of Amlwch, co. Caernarfon, gent. COPY ACREEMENT for a partition of Llaethdy mawr and Pentregwian farms in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey. The men were formerly co-partners in a joint farming concern and now wish to break up the partnership. With plan attached.
X/POOLE/2351 1809 INSTRUCTIONS for declaration Earl of Uxbridge -v- Griffith Roberts. Also includes a list of covenants in a lease of 1764 of Mynydd Muyn bach to Thomas Jones of Amlwch.
X/POOLE/2456 1794 29 Aug. 1) John Price of Mona Lodge, Amlwch, co. Anglesey, Esq. 2) The Rt. Hon. Henry, Earl of Uxbridge. DRAFT ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE for a water corn mill called Melin Engian in the manor of Treffos, co. Anglesey. Consideration £100.
X/POOLE/2466 1832 1) The Marquis of Anglesey. 2) Henry Prichard of Trercawen, co. Anglesey, Esq. DRAFT SURRENDER of premises at Amlwch, co. Anglesey, comprising a piece of ground formerly held by William Peters with the dwelling houses erected thereon (boundaries outlined). With a plan of the small quillets part of Madryn farm surveyed in 1817 by William Francis.
X/POOLE/2762 1798 13 Nov. COPY LETTER to Edward Griffith, Esq., Amlwch re a purchase from the devisees of the late Mr. Price.
X/POOLE/3067 1802 26 April COPY LETTER: Edward Griffith of Ymmwlch [Amlwch?] to John Roberts, attorney, Bangor, re a meeting with the son in law of Jane Roberts of Hendre re a debt of £55 and the question of letting the son in law have the farm - which is at present very badly managed. Griffith would give an answer only on the question of the debt. Griffith considers the possibility of extending the term of the lease to include the son in law’s life if proper covenants, such as Mr. Smith’s were inserted. In this case the farm might regain its value. Discusses possibility of legal action. "I must not have my land to be thus continually made worse and worse". Discusses possible financial arrangements with the son in law and expresses his need of money at present, in exchange for a extension of lease. Discusses ways of compelling the tenant to drain and manure the farm; "as Mr. Wardle does his tenants in this neighbourhood". (He discloses that he made the widow an offer in 1795 of a free cottage and garden for life and a present of £10 if she would give up farming at Hendre.) He is undecided whether to evict them or come to an arrangement. He won’t be contented with only payment of the arrears as his land has been so badly injured. Asks the attorney to deal with the matter
X/POOLE/3077 1805 19 Feb. 1) William Evans of Hendre, yeoman. 2) Edward Griffith of Ymmwlch [Amlwch?], Esq. AGREEMENT re lease of Hendre, 1804-1805 at rent of 68 guineas (farming covenants).
X/POOLE/3083 1808 19 Feb. 1) Edward Griffith of Ymmwlch [Amlwch?], Esq. 2) Capt. Robert Evans of Caernarfon. AGREEMENT for sale of Hendre farm, with the sitting place in Llanwnda church and right of commonage free and clear of land tax for £890. The timber on the farm is to be valued by 2 men chosen by each party.
X/POOLE/3204 1816 DARFT SUPPLEMENTAL ABSTRACT OF TITLE of Cadwalader Williams, yeoman, to a messuage called Cae fary in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey.
X/POOLE/3205 1817 15 July 1) Cadwaladr Williams of Llangefni, co. Anglesey, shopkeeper. 2) The Marquess of Anglesey. DRAFT LEASE for a year (part of a lease and release) of a messuage and lands called Cae Fary in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey.
X/POOLE/3206 1817 16 July 1) Paul Panton of Plasgwyn, parish of Pentraeth, co. Anglesey, Esq. and Rev. H. Rowlands of Plasgwyn in the parish of Llanedwen, co. Anglesey, clerk. 2) Cadwaladr Williams late of Llwyn yr Arth now of Llangefni, co. Anglesey, shopkeeper. 3) The Marquess of Anglesey. COVENANT to produce deeds relating to Cae Fary in the parish of Amlwch, formerly released by (1) to the use of (2).
X/POOLE/3212 1815 1) Cadwaladr Williams of Llangefni, co. Anglesey, yeoman (amended to shopkeeper). 2) The Marquess of Anglesey. 3) William Lowe of the Inner Temple, London, gent. DRAFT RELEASE of a messuage and lands called Cae Fary in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, held by William Hughes, tenant, which formerly were part of a holding called Penbol ucha. Consideration £190. With plan.
X/POOLE/3213 n.d. 1) Cadwaladr Williams of Llangefni, co. Anglesey, shopkeeper (formerly yeoman) and William Cadwalader of Llwynyrarth in the parish of Llanbabo, co. Anglesey, yeoman, John Williams of Tynrhos, parish of Llanbabo, yeoman, John Howells of Penybont in the parish of Llanbrynmair, co. Montgomery, yeoman. 2) The Marquess of Anglesey. BOND in £380 to indemnliy purchaser against claims of dower in the premises Cae Fary, parish of Amlwch.
X/POOLE/3229 1898 13 June COPY LICENCE TO ASSIGN (by way of mortgage) the land, shop and premises called Shop y Maes in Castle Square, Caernarfon from the Bangor People’s Cafe, Co., Ltd. to Mr. Joseph Hughes of Trefdath, Amlwch, co. Anglesey, shopkeeper, issued by Emma Williams.
X/POOLE/3235 1616 1 July COPY WILL of Henry Rowlands, Bishop of Bangor. Gives a brief biography of himself. To Dean and Chapter of Bangor Cathedral leaves £20 for repairing the steeple with lead. (It is sadly in need of repair though he left it in a better condition than he found it.) To the poor of Bangor leaves £3. To the poor of Amlwch leaves £2. For repair of Amlwch Church £5; to the poor of Llangristiolus leaves £3 and £30 to repair of church there. To the poor of Penmynydd £2; £2 for repair of Church of Penmynydd; to the poor of Aberdaron and Llanfaelrhys in Llyn leaves £3 and £1 to each of the two churches. To the poor of Llanrhaeadr in Dyffryn Clwyd leaves £5. To the poor of Llandwrog leaves £3 and £1 for repair of church. To the poor of parish of Meyllteyrn, Llyn, leaves £3 and £1 to repair of church; £1 to repair of Botwnnog chapel. To the poor of parish of Penllech where he went to school leaves £1. To the poor of Bryncroes leaves £1. To his eldest sister Marsley Rowland leaves £10; to his sister Ellen £10; to his sister Agnes £10; to his sister in law Jane, widow of his brother Edward Rowlands, leaves £5. Various other legacies to relatives. To his brother Thomas Rowland leaves a life interest in house and land called Llys lew in township of Porthamel, comote of Menai, co. Anglesey: asks him to allow the tenant Evan ap Eliza to continue to live there, and leaves him part of his farm stock. After his death the property is to be vested in trustees. The money from the property is for the establishment of a free grammar school in Meyllteyrn, or Botwnnog. He makes various conditions re the schoolmaster to be appointed, etc. Leaves Tyddyn yr Onnen alias Tyddyn y Penrhyn Oer and Tyddyn David in Erianell, comote of Llifon, co. Anglesey, to fellows of the College of Jesus, Oxford, to pay for a scholarship to Oxford for 2 scholars from Bangor and Beaumaris [Biwmares] Grammar schools. To Edmund Griffith, Dean of Bangor, leaves Tyddyn y Ddreinioes and Cae’r fynnon Hynyd and Caer Rhôs, parish of Llanfaglan for 3 years, then the property is to go to his niece Margaret Lloyd alias Margaret Rowland wife of John Lloyd, doctor of physic. Leaves recently purchased lands Tyddyn y goval alias Plas Gwyn, Llwynnon, Llwyn Ogan and a fulling mill called Pandu pwll fanogl and a house called Plas y modlew and 3 other houses in the township of Porthamel and Bodlew, co. Anglesey subject to certain charges to Richard Gwynn, Archdeacon of Bangor and Chancellor of Bangor, for a term, then to Mr. David Owen and his heirs for 7 years to pay for education of the son of his nephew Henry Rowlands, a former goldsmith of London, then for 3 years to Rowland Owen his godson and then to Henry Rowlands, son of his nephew Henry Rowlands. To his wife Francis Rowlands leaves a moiety of all his goods and money and as her one-third dower portion gives her his lands in Perthmyrn and Bryn erys and the tenement called Narnporth in the comote of Isgarfai [Isgwyrfai], co. Caernarfon. Leaves her his house in George Street to live in on her death. Nantporth is left to his cousin Edmund Griffith, Dean of Bangor, subject to a rent charge to the Dean and Chapter for the maintenance of 2 poor scholars. They are to be called "Huchines scholars" after his wife’s brother Mr. Hutchines of Gloucester who left £100 to the school. He leaves the land which he bought from Thomas Bold, gent. in the township of Castellor, Perthliyrn and Bryneryr and Rhos Owen, commote of Tindaethwy, co. Anglesey, to trustees, to maintain 6 old men who are to attend services regularly and conduct themselves in a fitting manner; and other bequests including bequests of his books, etc.
X/POOLE/3238 1703 3 May COPY WILL of Richard Bulkeley of Glanygors, co. Anglesey, gent. To his daughter Catherine Evans leaves 20/- and to his grandson Thomas Evans, her eldest son, leaves 20/-. To John Evans ,another grandson, leaves £20 to be laid out in apprenticing him to a trade. To his grandson Lewis Evans leaves £30 to be laid out in apprenticing him to a trade. To his grand-daughter Margarett Evans leaves £50. To his son in law Hugh Hughes of Tre’r draw, co. Anglesey, gent. leaves 20/- and to his grandson Lewis Hughes son of Hugh Hughes aforesaid leaves 20/-. To his second son Richard Hughes leaves £50 to settle him in a trade. To his third son John Hughes leaves £20 to set him up in a trade. To his grand-daughter, Elizabeth Hughes, leaves 20/- as he has already provided for her. To his daughter Gwenn Bulkeley leaves a rent charge of £5 per annum for a term of 21 years, out of lands in Coedare for the maintenance of herself and her children with a second rent charge of £5 per annum for the space of 21 years for the maintenance of his daughter Margaret Bulkely. To his sister Elizabeth Bulkeley leaves a rent charge of 40/- out of 2 houses in the parish of Kerrig Ceinwen [Cerrigceinwen] (unless she survives until the reversion of lands in parish of Kerrig Keinwen [Cerrigceinwen] and Llangristiolus, purchased of John Lloyd of Maesyporth, falls in, in which case the annuity is to cease and she is to be considered one of the 5 persons receiving the charity from these lands). To his servant Martha Williams leaves a rent charge of 40/- out of lands in parish of Kerrig Ceinwen [Cerrigceinwen]. Leaves the reversion of a house and lands called Kefn and other houses purchased from John Lloyd in the parishes of Llangristiolus and Kerrig Keinwen [Cerrigceinwen] to his son Robert Bulkeley and his grandsons Thomas Evans and Richard Hughes in trust to pay the rents and profit to his five nearest relations as a charity selecting a new recipient as vacancies arise, with a recommendation that the house be converted into a dwelling house for 5 persons. Leaves all his other houses and lands in the parishes and townships of Llangristiolus, Heneglwys, Kerrig Keinwen [Cerrigceinwen], Amlwch, Coedane, Truklwyn and Clygyrog, co. Anglesey (subject to the aforesaid annuities) to his son Robert Bulkeley for his life and then to his grandson Samuel Bulkeley and his heirs. To his daughter in law, wife of Robert Bulkeley leaves 20/- for a ring. To Bangor Cathedral leaves 2/-. Nominates his son Robert Bulkeley as executor, and instructs him to give 20/- to his servant Michael Thomas on discharging him after his death.
X/POOLE/3305 1796 DRAFT WILL of Richard Jones of Trewynn, co. Anglesey, gent. Leaves his house Trewynn (devised by James, Lord Bulkeley) and £100 to his brother John Jones of Bodfeirig, co. Anglesey, gent. in trust. He charges the above property with payments of his debts, and leaves it to his wife Margaret. Leaves his stock, household and farming goods to his wife Margaret. Leaves a moiety of a house in the parish of Llantrisant called Meinir, leased to a charity school at Beaumaris [Biwmares], to his brother Owen, subject to payment of his debts. He has also contracted with Lord Bulkeley for purchase of Tyddyn lwyd, co. Anglesey. This is to be carried through in the name of his brother John Jones and his heirs or if completed before his death it is to pass to his brother John Jones and his heirs. Leaves leasehold property in the parish of Penrhosllugwy called Cerrig llithir and Maes Moudrith in the parish of Amlwch, also a moiety of a yard and row of houses (held in common with William Hughes, agent to the Parys Mine Company,) to his sister Margaret during the remainder of the term. Leaves £100 to his sister Margaret. Leaves houses called The Cross Keys in Llanerchymedd, co. Anglesey to his nephew John Edwards, son of his sister Mary by Griffith Edwards her late husband. Leaves a house in the parish of Trewalchmai called Ty yn y llidiart to his nephew Thomas Lewis, subject to a mortgage of £100 during his life and then to John Roberts Sparrow of Red Hill, co. Anglesey, Esq. in trust for the heirs of Thomas Lewis. Leaves all his stock, farming tools, etc. at Trysdwya, part of a holding called High Moyl, parish of Amlwch, to Robert Parry of Glasgrig subject to a charge of £10 to Margaret the sister of the said Robert Parry. Leaves £100 to the children of his sister Elizabeth by John Owen her husband and also another £100 being his shares in the Amlwch Shipping Co. £500 loaned to Mrs. Lloyd of Llidiarth, co. Anglesey, widow, is not to be called in during her life unless default is made in payment of the interest. The interest from this and the principal itself on her death he leaves to his brothers Owen and John. Appoints his brothers as executors.
X/POOLE/3309 1799 DRAFT WILL of Richard Jones of Trewyn, co. Anglesey, gent. Recites that Lord Bulkeley leased Trewyn to him and that he is lessor for the remainder of term of 21 years of a house, etc. called Cae Warren, parish of Llandyfrydog, formerly leased to Thomas E. Owen, rector of same parish, by Owen Putland Meyrick, on condition he conveyed Cae Warren and a quillet called Trewyn to his wife Margaret and nephew Thomas Lewis. He now does so. Also leaves his furniture, livestock, etc. to wife Margaret. He is also tenant in common with John Jones of Beaumaris [Biwmares], gent. of a house in parish of Llantrisant called Meinir leased to them by the feoffees of a charity school at Beaumaris [Biwmares]. Leaves this with its livestock, tools, etc. to his brother Owen Jones for remainder of lease. Leaves his house and lands in the parish of Llechylched, co. Anglesey called Tyddyn y llwyd, lately purchased from Lord Bulkeley, to nephew Thomas Lewis. Devises a house in parish of Penrhosllugwy, co. Anglesey called Cerrig Llithur, held under Rev.Richard Williams, clerk for 21 years, and also a house in parish of Amlwch called Maer Meredith, and property which he holds jointly with Mr. Williams Hughes, agent to the Pary’s Mine, Co. at Amlwch, comprising a row of houses there leased from the mining company, to his brother John Jones; also a bond in connection with one of the properties and £25. Also leaves house in parish of Trewalchmai, co. Anglesey called Tyn y llidiart held by William Hughes, shoemaker, and a house in same parish called Bryn y Dderwen to brother in law John Owen of Feram, parish of Llangwyfan, co. Anglesey, yeoman, to whom he bequeaths residue of his goods and whom he appoints as executor. Gives £210 to be divided between the children of his sister Margaret. Also leaves 2 leasehold houses called the Cross Keys, formerly used as one house in the parish of Llanerchymedd, co. Anglesey (tenants given) and a house in Llanerchymedd held by Robert Owen, sergeant, to nephews John Edwards and Richard Williams.
X/POOLE/3489 1766 1) Jenkyn Evans of Llanerchymedd, co. Anglesey, shoemaker. 2) Thos. Jones of Erianell, co. Anglesey, yeoman. DRAFT ASSIGNMENT of leasehold premises (leased from John Margle of Llwydiart, co. Anglesey, Esq. in 1743) of a house recently built by Catherine Roberts and the garden belonging to it in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, which was later assigned by Catherine Roberts to Jenkyn Evans in 1752. Consideration £19.10s.0d.
X/POOLE/3499 1768 1) William Lewis of Llanddyfnan, co. Anglesey, Esq. 2) Hugh Thomas of the same county, gent. DRAFT MORTGAGE by demise for 21 years of houses and lands called Trysolwyn and a house mill and lands called Tyddyn Grythyr, Melin Trysglwyn, and a quillet belonging to Penbol ucha, Ty hen and a quillet in Rhosybol Cegin, Y Maes meredith, Tythyn Rhose and Rhose y Boll in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey. (To secure £162.6s.0d. plus interest).
X/POOLE/3562 1774 Nov. 1) Foulk Jones of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, gent. and Jane his wife. 2) Rev. Robert Evans of Trego, co. Anglesey, clerk. DRAFT MORTGAGE by demise for 500 years of Llwyd Coed alias Llwyd Coed fawr in the parish of Llanllyfni, co. Caernarfon. Consideration £300. With a draft deed, giving details of a fine on the above premises.
X/POOLE/3596 1777 1) Herbert Jones of Llynnon, co. Anglesey, Esq. 2) John Jones. DRAFT OF A BUILDING LEASE for 3 lives of land in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey. Rent £1. 2s. 0d.
X/POOLE/3629 1779 1) John Jones of Bodynfa, co. Anglesey, Esq. 2) Thomas Rushton of Liverpool, brewer and maltster, and John Linton of Liverpool, gent. DRAFT BUILDING LEASE for 3 lives of a site for a brewery in the parish of Amlwch at a place called Amlwch Port, land formerly held by William Jones, surgeon, with rights over water for the operation of the Brewery from a well or spring called the Ellath and permission to lay water pipes, etc. Rent £15. 15s. 0d. per annum.
X/POOLE/3639 1780 1) Rowland Hughes of Hendregardiog, co. Anglesey, gent. 2) John Jones of Bodynyfod, co. Anglesey, Esq. 3) R. Lloyd of Porth-Amel, co. Anglesey, gent. DRAFT ASSIGNMENT of mortgage by demise for 500 years of houses and lands in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey. To secure £300.
X/POOLE/3654 1783 13 Nov. 1) John Griffith Lewis of Llanddyfnan, co. Anglesey, Esq. 2) Richard Jones of Trysclwyn, co. Anglesey, yeoman. LEASE for 21 years of a house and lands called Maes Meredith in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey (in consideration of the surrender of the Trysclwyn lease) subject to an agreement with the Paris Mine Co., granting certain concessions. Rent £10 per annum.
X/POOLE/3656 1784 15 May 1) Moses Roberts of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, yeoman and Magdalen his wife (only child of Rowland Hughes and Ellen his wife, daughter and heiress of Hugh Owen, gent). 2) Thomas Prichard of Caer Tonnan, parish of Llandwrog, co. Caernarfon, gent. DRAFT RELEASE of the reversion of an estate in the parish of Llangefni, co. Anglesey, called Ty mawr, a house in parish of Llangristiolus, called Tan y Coed, a house in the parish of Cerrigceinwen called Ynys Hwfa and houses and lands in the parish of Cerrigceinwen called Cae Garw, Ty Rhedyr, Cae Ronw, Llain Caer Pwll, Llain yn Cerrig ceinwen, Caerwein.
X/POOLE/3658 1784 May 1) Moses Roberts of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, yeoman and Magdalene his wife, daughter and heiress of Rowland Hughes and Ellen, heiress of Hugh Owen, gent. 2) Thos. Prichard of parish of Llandwrog, co. Caernarfon, gent. DRAFT LEASE for 1 year of land in parish of Llangefni, co. Anglesey called Ty mawr, formerly held by Robert Owen, yeoman, and a house in parish of Llangristiolus called Tai yn y Coed, formerly held by Thos. Edwards, yeoman. A house called Ynys Hwfa in parish of Cerrigceinwen called Caer Garw held by J. Llewelyn, yeoman, and a house in Cerrigceinwen called Ty Rhidyn held by Roberts Owen and house called Caer Orw held by Hugh Hughes, yeoman in same parish of Cerrigceinwen called Caer Bwll, Llayn yn Cerrig ceinwen, Caer Wern, held by John John Roberts, gent. (Part of lease and release.)
X/POOLE/3661 1785 7 Nov. 1) Richard Jones late of Trysclwyn but now of Trewyn, parish of Llandyfridog, co. Anglesey, yeoman. 2) John Byrne of Maes Meredith, parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, mine agent. COUNTERPART LEASE for 19 years of the house and lands called Maes Meredith in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, subject to an agreement with the Paris Mine Co., granting certain concessions of access with their teams for transporting the copper ore. Rent £20.
X/POOLE/3700 1788 Oct. 1) John Owen of Gwredog, parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, yeoman. 2) Rice Lloyd of Besumaris [Biwmares], co. Anglesey, gent. ASSIGNMENT OF LEASE for 3 lives (of 1785) of lands and two dwelling houses near the Port of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, called Bryn Elath (tenants David Hughes and Robert Griffith).
X/POOLE/3731 NOTES ON TITLE to Penbol uchaf and quillets in Rhosybol, parish of Amlwch (quotes deeds 1741-1794).
X/POOLE/3758A 1792 Nov. 1) John Hughes of Amlwch Port, parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, victualler. 2) Jonathan Roose the younger of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, merchant. DRAFT MORTGAGE of a lime kiln and lime house and the land on which it stands on part of a farm called Bod Ednyfed in the parish of Amlwch (boundaries outlined). Also assignment of personal estate, etc. towards liquidating a bond debt of £250 plus interest.
X/POOLE/3797 1795 1) Ann Barnston of Chester City, widow and administratrix of will of Rev. Robert Barnston, deceased. 2) Rice Thomas of Brynyneuadd, co. Caernarfon, Esq., son and heir of Wm. Thomas late of Coed Helen, deceased, and wife. 3) Unnamed trustees. COPY DRAFT ASSIGNMENT of mortgage by demise of estates in co. Caernarfon from (1) to (3) in trust for (2) of estates devised in an indenture of 1745 comprising a capital messuage and demesne, called Coed allen or Coed Helen in the town of Caernarfon, and lands called Coed hiva, Cae hiva, Talyrna, Cae Mawr, in parish of Llanbeblig and houses called Tyhendre and Cae Philip, Caer Twthill, Cae Twthill isa, Hendu and Neiston, parish of Llanbeblig and houses, etc. called Neuodd Commes alias neuadd Conmas, Nantyfian, Tregynrugfawr, y feilie and Buarth Tu Voel in the parish of Llanbadrig, co. Anglesey. A capital messuage and demesne called Glascoed, messuages called Glascoed, Vanadle, Glascoed Eithin, Cae Gronwygan, Y daol Wen, Bryn hagle, Cae’r yn Coed, Cae Mebissa, Y Park bach, Coetwr Uchain, Cae gwair, Buarth da, Beevin, Cefn y tyddyn, Cae Calch, Cae n’y Coed alias Park, Gwerglodd da, Beevan, Glanrafon, alias Coed Glanrafon, Ty’r glan rafon in the parish of Llanddeiniolen, held by Hugh Griffith. Also of houses called Llys and Tai noision, parish of Llanddeiniolen and Glanrafon Issa, parish of Llanrug, and a house and lands called Tyn y maes alias Tai’n y maes and blank hostess in the parish of Llanfair-is-Gaer and houses and lands called Cae Derby and Tyddyn bach, parish of Llanbeblig and houses called Caua and Bodlass, parish of Llanfihangel Bachellach, and houses called Ty yn y nant, Ty yn y Lymna and Hendre-goed, parish of Llaniestyn and houses called Bottunod fawr, Bauven llaich du, Bettws Pant y asag, Plas Bottunod, Tyddyn y Waen, Castell, Penybryn, Y Northwen bach, Tir Croes and Cae Sir Rhys, in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, and house called Cadnant in the parish of Llandegfan, co. Anglesey and house called Clorach in the parish of Llandyfridog, co. Anglesey and houses called Henber alias Henalelwyd and Tyddyn y gwynt, parish of Llangeinwen, co. Anglesey, and houses called Ty mawr, in the parish of Llanwenllwyfo.
X/POOLE/3863 1799 1 Jan. 1) Stephen Roose of Amlwch, gent. by direction of Sir Robert Williams, Bart. of Plas y Nant, co. Caernarfon. 2) Margaret Roberts of Bodfeirig, parish of Aberffraw, co. Anglesey, spinster. ASSIGNMENT of a mortgage - by demise of house and lands in co. Caernarfon called Maes incle. To secure £500.
X/POOLE/3998 1811 1) The executors of Henry Prichard, party to a certain release of 1790. 2) The executors of Thomas Williams, party to the release of 1790. 3) Michael Hughes, a party to the same release. 4) Edward Hughes. 5) Paul Panton. 6) Evan Williams. SURRENDER AND QUIT CLAIM of certain mortgaged lands in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey. Recites previous transactions since 1745 affecting the said premises.
X/POOLE/4015 1813 21 March 1) Thos. Jones of Pantgraianog, parish of Conwy, co. Caernarfon, miner, eldest son and heir of Philip Jones, late of Amlwch, co. Anglesey. 2) Hugh Ellis of Caer cappel, parish of Llanelian, co. Anglesey, farmer. ASSIGNMENT OF LEASEHOLD premises (leassd from Thos. James, Lord Bulkeley in 1776) of fields adjoining the lands of Hugh Thomas, gent., in the parish of Llaneilian, co.Anglesey. Consideration £40.
X/POOLE/4041 1817 19 June 1) Stephen Roose, late of Ty mawr, now of Bryntirion, parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, gent. 2) Hugh Evans of Henblas, co. Anglesey, Esq. 3) Wm.Thomas of Cefn, co Caernarfon, gent. 4) O. A. Poole of Gorphwysfa, co. Caernarfon, gent. DRAFT RELEASE OF certain premises in the parish of Llanwnda, co. Caernarfon called Tyhen and Tynewydd alias Tainewydd.
X/POOLE/4053 1822 6 Aug. 1) O. A. Poole of Gorphwysfa, co. Caernarfon, gent. 2) Sir William Bulkeley Hughes of Plas Coch, co. Anglesey, Knight. 3) Zaccheus Paynter of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, gent. 4) John Paynter of Maes y Llayn, co. Anglesey, gent. DRAFT RELEASE of Tyddyn Esa Hir held by Robert Hughes and fields, etc. called Tyddyn y Groes held by Thos. Morris in the parish of Llaneilian, co. Anglesey. Consideration £220.
X/POOLE/4170 1809 30 Aug. ACCOUNT OF BIDDINGS and SALE NOTICE re the estates of the late J. G. Lewis, Esq., deceased, in the parishes of Amlwch, Llaneilian, Llandyfridog, Llanbadrig, Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf and Penmynydd, co.Anglesey, and in the parish of Dwygyfylchi, co. Caernarfon. Lists farms, tenants, acreage, rents.
X/POOLE/4173 1812 15 April SALE NOTICE of estates in Anglesey to be sold by auction in the parishes of Amlwch and Llaneilian, gives some details of lessees, includes land leased to Mona Mine Co.
X/POOLE/4297 PLAN of Glasgraig in the parish of Amlwch with references, giving acreages of various parcels.
X/POOLE/4459 1829 4 April COPY LETTER: William Lowe of the Temple to Robert Williams, Bart., re the purchase of estates in the parishes of Amlwch and Llaneilian, by the Earl of Uxbridge from the late Viscount Bulkeley; and discussing the ejectments served on his tenants by John Hughes Ellis for recovery of quillets in the farms called Taldrws, Cae Telyniur, Rhos bach, Cae dormen wen, Llaingan and Cae y scybor.
X/POOLE/4498 (post 1742) COPY CASE of Mr. Griffith of Cefnamwlch. Gives details of a marriage settlement 1710 of William Griffith, Esq., and Mary Lake devising lands in co. Caernarfon, with conditions re the maintenance of his wife in the event of her surviving him. William Griffith died without issue leaving a wife and his heir - a brother, John Griffith, in 1714. Gives details of a subsequent release of the said premises (1718). John Griffith died in 1739 leaving Anne, his widow, and William Griffith, his son and heir to whom the estate, subject to certain rent charges, passed. The estate was also subject to payment of interest on £3000 and William Griffith got little benefit from it and sought legal advice on the question of his estates. In 1742, however, he was unwillingly forced by one of the trustees into a conveyance of his capital messuage called Keven Amlwch and other houses and lands of his in co. Caernarfon to John Hosier and his heirs in order that a common recovery might be suffered. Certain provisos were still made concerning an allowance to his wife Sidney, to be paid from the estate and other unfavourable provisos re the reversion. He seeks an opinion on whether a court of equity would allow him to take away the ’pin money’ of his wife and alter the revision.
X/POOLE/4603 1786 12 April BILL OF COMPLAINT of William Jones, Amlwch, co. Anglesey, miner and Jane his wife, administratrix of the estate of Richard Parry of Clegir Mawr in the parish of Llabeulan, co. Anglesey. He inherited Richard Parry’s personal estate. She alleges that in 1781, when Richard Parry was threatened with the sale of his effects, he deposited a quantity of oats, hay, farm animals and furniture with the defendsnt for sefe custody. The action is for their recovery.
X/POOLE/4649 1790 DRAFT BILL in the case John Hughes of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, merchant -v- Thomas Owen of Havod ty ordderch parish of Llansadwrn, co. Anglesey in a dispute over a debt.
X/POOLE/4665 1791 BRIEF for the defendant William Hughes, Edward Hughes, Michael Hughes, Stephen Boose, brewers and partners, Amlwch, -v- Edward Edwards, alehouse keeoer, Beaumaris [Biwmares], for a debt of £7. 1s. 0d.
X/POOLE/4680 (34 Geo. III) (1794) 1) John Hughes of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, yeoman, and Edward Prichard of Clwch dernog in the parish of Llanddeusant, co. Anglesey, yeoman. 2) William Peacocke of Fort Caesar, co. Anglesey, Esq. DRAFT GENERAL RELEASE of all manner of legal actions, etc.
X/POOLE/4695 1793 27 Aug. WARRANT of attorney to confess judgement for £160 due by bond, William Hughes of Amlwch, chandler to Robert Horne of Amlwch, gent.
X/POOLE/4724 1794 DRAFT AFFADAVIT of John Jones of Amlwch in the case Hughes & Co. -v- Robert Griffith explannng how he let a house in Llanerchymedd, co.Anglesey, to the defendant. The rent was not paid and a execution took place.
X/POOLE/5034 1820 PLAN of the road to Amlwch from Tyn’y maen chapel to the boundary of the parishes of Llanfihangel and Llanddeusant submitted to Anglesey Quarter Sessions in the case Rex -v- John Griffith.
X/POOLE/5096B PRESENTMENT to Quarter Sessions - Anglesey: recites previous charge of Fortunatus Rowland of Amlwch of an asssault on Mary Jones by Arthur Williams, labourer of Penybryn, and how Fortinatus Rowland requested security of the peace for himself against Arthur Williams. He was entrusted to the custody of John Roberts of Trwynmelyn but managed to escape. John Roberts is indited for neglecting his duty.
X/POOLE/5110 n.d.(?C18th) DRAFT BILL OF OCMPLAINT of Richard Ellis of Beaumaris [Biwmares], and Catherine his wife, John Edwards of Beaumaris [Biwmares] and Elizabeth his wife, William Davies of Ty fadir, parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, and Mary his wife, Rice Jones o Tynyllan, parish of Llanddona, co. Anglesey and Margaret his wife, John Hughes of Trian in the parish of Llandyfridog, co. Anglesey and Ann his wife, William Davies of Boady Gwyn in the parish of Llanfechell and Owen Owen of the parish of Llandyfridog, yeoman, John Owen of Trian baen, parish of Llandyfridog, Thomas Owen of Tyddyn dau in the parish of Amlwch, mariner, Richard Owen of the parish of Llanfaes, yeoman and Grace Jones of Beaumaris [Biwmares], spinster, to the Justices of Great Sessions, in a dispute over the inheritance of the personal estate of Grace Lewis of Coed Cadw, parish of Llaniestyn, co. Caernarfon, and John Williams her brother. They accuse John Parry and Elizabeth the wife of Owen Davies of attempting to defraud them of their inheritance.
X/POOLE/5216 1777 1) Peter Hughes of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, miner. 2) James Bradley of Penrhos, co. Anglesey, gent. DRAFT BILL OF SALE of a sloop called the Caesar of the port of Amlwch. Consideration £20.
X/POOLE/5315 1795 1) Rice Thomas of Coed Helen, co. Caernarfon, Esq. 2) William Griffith of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, yeoman, Griffith Jones of Nant y fran and Evan Griffith of Llandyfridog, co. Anglesey. DRAFT TAKE NOTE for 3 years re mining rights to the ores under the farm called Penbron, co. Anglesey (formerly held by Owen Owens). Royalties 1/8, with covenant to fill in worked out shafts and pits. Owner reserved right of inspection.
X/POOLE/5477 1830 12 July LETTER: G. B. Read of Amlwch to Poole asking for a list of burgesses. He estimates that there are about 50 supporters in his neighbourhood.
X/POOLE/5518 1831 22 Sept. COPY LETTER: R. A. Poole to G. R. Roose. He plans to counter the anti-reformers by bringing in a host of supporters from Amlwch to vote at the election of bailiffs on Michaelmas day. Begs G. R.Roose to take a hand in the matter as his other agent, E. Evans is an amateur in these matters. He wants him to appear at the head of 120 Anglesey supporters by 10.00 a.m. on election day. Tells him to avoid alarming their opponents until the deed is accomplished.
X/POOLE/5522 1831 24 Sept. MEMORANDUM re election matters re sending coaches to Amlwch and other arrangements.
X/POOLE/5525 1831 26 Sept. NOTE: Mr.Roose of Amlwch to Poole re the election.
X/POOLE/5527 1831 24 Sept. LIST of Caernarfon burgesses at Amlwch and its neighbourhood (gives name, address, observations of their ability to walk to the election at Caernarfon). Also some details of occupation.
X/POOLE/5529 1831 11 Sept. COPY LETTER: Richard A. Poole to John Sanderson of Plasnewydd. He has been looking over past poll books to see what majority his side needed to win the election of bailiffs. He suggests mustering up to 150 men (including Amlwch voters). He recommends Evan Evans, who did well as an agent in the last election.
X/POOLE/5886 1793 1 bundle of correspondence of Mr. Herbert Jones to O. A. Poole. (Including correspondence re presentment of highways at Amlwch, Coedana, Llandyfrdwy, Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd, Penrhosllugwy, Llanengrad and Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf, parishes.)
X/POOLE/6143 1783-1792 1 bundle of correspondence of Messrs. Poole with Herbert Jones of Llynon, co. Anglesey. Includes correspondence re a fine to be levied on the farms Llynon, Demesne, Newhaven, Llynon mill and Meriogan in the parish of Llanddeusant; Tai Hen, Dwmchwa, Carnon Coch, in the parish of Llanbadrig; Tan Rallt and Penrallt in the parish of Bodedern; Neuadd Wen, Bryn y pipir, Bryn y Llain and Berth, parish of Llanfachraeth; and houses in the town of Amlwch; a lawsuit with Col. Peacocke on account of clothes etc. left with the Regiment which Mr. Jones appropriated for the use of his men. Correspondence re various actions of Herbert Jones and re various business letters and an advertisement re sale of Cilan r’avon in the parish of Llanbedrgoch; re the assault made on the life of Herbert Jones by George Ramsden of co. Anglesey. Correspondence re various items of Quarter Session business. Correspondence re a forcible entry and ejectment of Jane Owen and her sister by an agent of Mrs. Griffiths of Bangor.
X/POOLE/6154 DRAFT AFFADAVIT of Foulk Jones of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, gent. that he and his wife Jane were parties to two deeds of 1774 re land and premises in the parish of Llanllyfni, co. Caernarfon.
X/POOLE/6180 1794 23 May LETTER from Mr. Jackson of the Tide Mills, Liverpool, to Poole, Beaumaris [Biwmares], re a debt owed by William Thomas of Carrick Mawr near Amlwch. Asks Poole to take proceedings. Mr. Thomas has a cargo of flour on board the ship Portland and so can easily afford to pay the debt.
X/POOLE/6191 1794-1795 1 bundle of correspondence, receipts, etc. of Mr. Thomas Eyton of Bodvary forge, Flintshire, re the collection of rent from Mr. John Hughes of Amlwch Port, co. Anglesey.
X/POOLE/6235 1797 18 Aug. LETTER: Williams and Mary Hughes of Amlwch asking Poole to collect money from John Daniel, due for tobacco, snuff and loaf sugar.
X/POOLE/6283 1801 3 Nov. COPY LETTER: O. A. Poole to Mr. Broadhead, Tregof, near Amlwch, Anglesey. Reminds him of a debt of £30 owed by his late son.
X/POOLE/6411 1830 19 Nov. LETTER: H. Jones of Pencraig to O. A. Poole, discussing the question of a new turnpike road between Beaumaris [Biwmares] and Amlwch.
XD5/1 1675 28 Aug. 1. Ellin Wynne of Plascoch, widow, and Thomas Wynne of Glascoed, gent., eldest son and heir apparent of the said Ellin. 2. Richard Wynne of Glasinfryn, Esq., David Lloyd of Llwydiarth, co. Ang., Esq., and Hugh Lewis of Pontnewydd [Bontnewydd], gent.. 3. Griffith Carreg of Carreg, gent., and Maurice Griffith of Methlem, gent. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT touching the capital messuage of Bodgadle and the moiety of the mill called Melin Tu yn y coed in Llanfihangel Bachelleth, and other messuages and lands of 1. in Llanfihangel Bachelleth, Llannor, Llangian, Llanengan, Llaniestyn, Nefyn, Edern, and Strodiegeyrth, formerly belonging to Griffith Lloyd of Bodgadle and Evan Lloyd, the father and grandfather respectively of the said Ellin Wynne; also the capital messuage of Glascoed in Dinorwig and other messuages and lands in Llanddeiniolen, Dinorwig, Llanfairisgaer, Bangor, Faenol Bangor, Llanrug, Caernarfon, Llanbeblig, Betws Garmon, Llanfihangel Bachellaeth, Llaniestyn, Tre’r Glynn, Nefyn and Edern, and the messuage called Werthyr in the township of Bottunod, co. Angl. and other messuages and lands in Amlwch, Bottunod, Clorach, Llanbadrig, Rhosmynach, Llaneilian, Penrhos, Dulas, Llanfihangel Esceifiog, Trefdraeth, Newborough, Llanbedr, Dwyran, Llandegfan, Porthaethwy and Llandysilio; and touching messuages and lands called Cayre, Bodlas, Cefn y gaer and Bwlch y groes, and all those stone inclosures at Cayre aforesaid (except the greatest stone inclosure); and touching the messuage and lands called Tyddyn Bachellaeth and Llys, and the water corn mill called Melyn y Crawie; and the messuage called Tyddyn y Tai Croesion and the close called Cae yn y Coed; and the messuage called Rhiwgoch, all in Dinorwic; and the messuages and lands called Tai yn y maes in Llanfairisgaer; and Brynglas and Tyddyn yr Aer bach in Bangor; and Tyddyn Llaethdu in Amlwch; and Tyddyn y Bisle. Consideration: £1000 and marriage of said Thomas Wynne with Mary, niece of Griffith Jones of Castellmarch, Esq., deceased.
XD5/2 1693 25 Oct. 1. Owen Wynne of Glascoed, Esq.. 2. Richard Edwards of Nanhoron, Esq., and Hugh Lewis of Bontnewydd, Esq. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT touching the capital messuage of Glascoed and estates in Llanddeiniolen, Dinorwig, Llanfairisgaer, Bangor, Faenol Bangor, Llanrug, Caernarfon, Llanbeblig, Betws Garmon, Llanfihangel Bachellaeth, Llaniestyn, Tre yr Glyn, Llannor, Llangian, Llanengan, Nefyn, Edern, Strodiegyrth and Pistyll, and also the messuage called Pibron, pa.[rish] Llanbadrig, and estates in co. Anglesey as in No.1 (Amlwch....Llandysilio), the messuage called Llys and the water corn mill called Melin y Crawie; Tai yn y Maes and storehouse near Moylyon [?Moel y don]; Brynglas and Tyddyn yr aer bach, pa.[rish] Bangor; Tyddyn y Bisle; Tyddyn bach, Penrhos y Gwalie, Tyddyn y Llwyn, Glan yr Afon, parishes Llanrug and Llanbeblig; Fodol Ucha, Fodol Ganol and Fodol Issa, in Bangor. Consideration: £1500 (£700 to John Grosvenor, Esq. clearing mortgage on estate in Botunnod; £400 to Griffith Wynne and Ellen Wynne, only brother and sister of 1.; further £100 to Ellen Wynne; £300 to 1. and marriage of 1. with Grace, niece of 3. (Articles of Marriage of 27 July 1686 missing.)
XD5/3 1718 1 March 1. Rice Thomas of Glascoed, Esq., and Gaynor his wife. 2. John Griffith of Llanddyfnan and Richard Thomas of Caernarfon. DEED TO LEAD USES before a fine touching the capital messuage of Glascoed and appurtenances called Glascoed Fanadle, Glascoed Eithin, Cae Gronw Cam, Y Ddolwen, Brynhagle, Cae’r Mab Isa, Y Parc bach, Brynhayle, Cae yn y coed, Cae tu’r Uchain, Cae Gwair, Buarth Da Bevan, Cefn y Tyddyn, Cae Calch, Cae yn y Coed alias Y Park, Gwerglodd Da Bevan, Melin y Crowia alias Melin y Glascoed, Penygaer, Rhiw Goch, Llys Tyddyn y Felin, Cae Corniog, Cae Mawr, Tai Creision, Gweirglodd y felin, Caer felin, Ty-yn-glan’rafon, Glan’r Afon, Yn Ynys, all in pa.[rish] Llanddeiniolen; messuages and lands called Bryn Glas, Tyddyn Bach, Fodol Ucha, Fodol Ganol, Fodol Isa, Tyddyn Du, Cae Mellog, quillets in Bryn Mawr, all in pa.[rish] of Bangor; messuages and lands called Tyddyn Bisle, Glan’r Afon, Dol Bleddin, pa.[rish] Llanrug; messuages and lands called Tyddyn y Llwyni House and Cae Derby, Pen’rhos and Tyddyn Bach, pa.[rish] Llanbeblig; Tu yn y maes, pa.[rish] Llanfaer Isgaer; Bodgadle, Bryn Ceirch, Bodlas, quillet in Bwlch y y Mynydd, Caera, and three parks, pa.[rish] Llanfihangel Bachellaeth; Cae Gorus, quillet in Nant y Glyn, Bwlch y Groes Ucha and Isa, Hendre Goed, Tyddyn Pen y Sarn, pa.[rish] Llaniestyn; messuages and lands (unspecified) in pa.[rish] Llannor, and whatever other lands in the said parishes and in parishes of Llangian, Llanengan, Nefyn, Edern, and Pistyll; and also messuages and lands in co. Anglesey called Botunod Fawr, Porth yr Hwch, Y Borthwen bach, Pibron, Borthwen fawr, Plas Botunod, Byrwen, Betws, Castell, Erw’r Iar, Cae Syr Rhys, Gaerwen, Hafod y Llyn bach, Cefn’r Garth, Llaeth du, Pen y bryn, Pen y Cyw, Pont y Gaseg, Tyddyn y Berth, Pilwrn, Tyddyn y Waen, Tyddyn Sion Goch, Treffynnon, and Werthir, all in the pa.[rish] Amlwch; Carreg yr Halen and Chamber Borth, pa.[rish] Llandysilio; Cadnant, pa.[rish] Llandegfan; Cefn Du, pa.[rish] Llanfihangel Ysceifiog; Hen Bont (otherwise Hen Aelwyd in nos. 14 and 15) Tyddyn y Gwynt, pa.[rish] Llangeinwen; Pwll Grach, pa.[rish] Llanbadrig; Ty Mawr, pa.[rish] Llanwenllwyfo; and other messuages and lands (unspecified) in parishes Llandyfrydog (Clorach in pa.[rish] Llandyfrydog in no. 4) and Newborough and elsewhere.
XD5/14+15 1740 7-8 March 1. As 2. in XD5/13. 2. Henry Ellis of Caernarfon, gent., and William Prichard of the same, gent. 3. Thomas Rowlands of Caera, co. Angl., Esq., and John Griffith of Llanddyfran, co. Angl., Esq. DEED TO LEAD USES [Lease and Release] before a common recovery touching the manor of Cemaes, and messuages and lands called Neuadd Cemaes, Cemaes fawr, Nant y fran, Tregynrig fawr, Tyddyn Hugh Lloyd, Tregynrig bach, Tyddyn Rhydderch, Rhyd y Clafdy, Melin Cemaes, Ystordy Cemaes, Y Teilia, Tyddyn y Beiddi, Buarthufoel, Ty yn y Cae, Pibron and Pwllgrach, pa.[rish] Llanbadrig, messuages and lands in pa.[rish] Amlwch as in no. 3, with the addition of Ty Croes; and ll other estates in Anglesey noted in no. 3; and all estates in co. Caerns with the addition of the following: Black Hostes, pa.[rish] Llanfair Isgaer; the capital messuage of Coed Alun otherwise Coed Helen, and Coed Llwyd, Hen Du, Tyddyn y Bont, Caer Pant, Caer Aber, Y Foel, Y Feiston, Hen farchnad, Cae tan y Voel, Cae Garnedd Wen, Cae’r Odyn Galch otherwise Cae pen y Dre, Cae’r Twthil Ucha, Caer Twthil Isa, Talyrne, Cae Mawr, Melin y Saint, Melin frag, Y Gored Coed Alun, and Crew Melin Saint, in he liberties of Caernarfon and pa.[rish] Llanbeblig; the capital messuage called Plas Isa and Ty Pen y Dre, in town Caernarfon; Merchlyn fawr and Merchlyn bach, pa.[rish] Gyffin; Bachellaeth, Tyddyn Gwenpol alias Pwlle Budron, Tyddyn y Singrig, pa.[rish] Llanfihangel Bachellaeth; Ty yn y Nant, Ty yn y Simna, Ty Mawr, Mur Du, Ty Alice Lloyd, Rhosddu, Cae Garw, Cae Crin, Tanyfoel, Y Caia’r Garn, Y Parcia, Y Llain yn nant y Glyn, and Y Llain yn tir Meistr Griffith, pa.[rish] Llaniestyn.
XD5/38+39 1778 20-21 July 1. Rice Thomas, late of Coedalun, now of Chester, Esq., and Margaret his wife, daughter of John Lloyd of Trevor Hall, co. Denbs., Esq., deceased, by Mary his wife. 2. John Lloyd of Trevor Hall aforesaid, Esq., and Robert Thomas of Coedalun, gent.. 3. Thomas Jones of Llandysilio, co. Denbs., Esq., Paul Panton the younger of Plas Gwyn, co. Angl., Esq., Trevor Lloyd, brother of the said John Lloyd, and Rev. Richard Maurice of the town of Oswestry, co. Salop, clerk. MARRIAGE SETTLEMENT (pursuant to the marriage of 1.) [Lease and Release] and in consideration of £500 and £300 touching the following estates: the capital messuages of Coedalun, pa.[rish] Llanbeblig, and of Plas Isa in Caernarfon, and messuages called the Harp in Caernarfon, Old College and New College, Feiston, Hen dy, Tyddyn Howell, Ty Gwyn, Tyddyn Bach, Penrhos, Tyddyn Llwyni, pa.[rish] Llanbeblig (and water corn grist mills); the capital messuage of Glascoed, and Glascoed Mill, Pen y Gaer, Tai Croesion, Cae Corniog, Llys, Rhiw Goch, quillets in Ynys and Cae Mawr, pa.[rish] Llanddeiniolen; Ty yn y lon, Tyddyn Melog, Fodol Ucha, Fodol Ganol, Fodol Isa, Tyddyn du, Tyddyn bach, Ty yn y Clwt and quillets in Brynmawr, pa.[rish] Bangor; Glan Afon Ivor, Glan Afon Rug, Tyddyn y Bisle, Cae Dole Bleddyn, quillets in a field called Cefntresaint, Tai yn y Maes, pa.[rish] Llanrug; toft and garden in Conwy; Merchlyn Mawr, Merchlyn Bach, pa.[rish] Gyffin; Bodgadle, Caera, Middle Park, Bodlas, Parc Mawr, Parc Fach, Bryn y Geirch, pa.[rish] Llanfihangel Bachellaeth; Cemaes and Cemaes Mill, Fferam Fawr, Neuadd Cemaes, Teilia, Buarth y Foel, Nant y fran, Tregynrig fawr, Tregynrig bach, Penbren fawr, Tyddyn Rhydderch, Rhyd y Clafrdy, Tyddin bach, pa.[rish] Llanbadrig, Castell, Borthwen fawr, Borthwen bach, Botynod fawr, Pant y gaseg, Erw’r Iar, Porth yr Hwch, Gaerwen, Ty Croes, Penybryn, Tyddyn y Waun, a storehouse (unnamed), Werthyr, Pilwrn, Hafod y llyn bach, Plas Botynod, Betws, Treffynnon, Pen y Ciw, Llaethdy, parcel of land called Cae Sir Rees, Tyddin Sion Coch, pa.[rish] Amlwch.
XD8/2/114 1812 April 5 LETTER; H. Pace, Embankment Office, [Tremadog] to [John] Williams. He has collected an abstract of the workmens’ demands from 2l Oct. 1811, which he believes to be nearly correct as follows: Tywyn, £663; Penrhyn £243; carpenters, sawyers, labourers, nurserymen and teams £188 making a total of £1094. He also encloses under other cover a statement of payments which he is confident will meet both Mr. Madocks and JW’s approbation with the exception of 2 items; what Robert Morris kept out of the £20 HP gave him to pay the £16.14s.0d. accruing to JW’s orders; he kept £3 for John Jones the skinner but HP was unable to get it from him. Also JP has taken the liberty of keeping the balance of his last years wages which was £6.11s.1½d. It was necessity which occasioned him to do so and if it hadn’t been for £7 from his mother-in-law from Anglesey within the last six weeks his family would have starved. He cannot rely on support from the quarter any longer; he requests them to review the statement strictly. Both Robert Morris and every other person in Tremadog has refused the worth of one penny on trust to Mr. Madocks’ house or concern while things remain in this critical state. Councillor Ellis wished to be repaid. HP tendered the money but told him he had paid his £20 for provisions, and that Robert Morris, had taken £20 of the £50. Cllr. E. then very willing to let it remain until the next remittances came. HP cannot understand how he gave so much offence to Mr. Williams. If he has spoken rashly, JW should have overlooked it. HP is extremely sorry to be under the necessity of leaving Mr. Madocks’ service, having no hopes of doing any good here, and under the present circumstances, he cannot maintain his family. He would be obliged if JW would let him go as soon as possible and requests these letters to be laid before Mr. Madocks. He apologises for anything wrong he may have said or done. N.B. if the Amlwch miners come, he doesn’t know what will be done for provisions. [Formerly W.A. Madocks Letters BJC/168/114].
XD/8/2/125 1812 April 21 LETTER: H. Pace, Embankment Office [Tremadog] to Mr. John Williams informing him of the arrival of JW’ s remittance of £200. The boy was delayed in returning which was unfortunate since on Saturday the men all leave the work about 4 o’clock and towards the middle most of them leave very dissatisfied and flocked round Cllr. Ellis who was on a visit to complain. HP told them to be quiet and go away but one or two of the "sabbed flock" he will point out to JW on his return. He went to Gwynfryn on Sunday to inform Cllr. Ellis of the contents of Saturdays post. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis seemed delighted with a letter they had received from JW. HP began distributing the money to the men early on Monday morning which raised their spirits and they were overjoyed to hear that JW had loaded a vessel with all sorts of corn and provisions for them. The markets here are very very high; a "hobed" of oatmeal was sold for £2.l2s.0d. HP sees from the newspapers that it is the same all over the Kingdom. The provision are more highly thought of than the money. Voluntary hands are very few owing to the fine weather. There only 45 regular men on this side and 30 on the other. Some men received 25s. some 30s, and no one less than £l. HP will retain £l5 for provisions in case they get more volunteers. If the Amlwch miners don’t cone, there are many more of Lord Newborough’s tenants who are sure to come very soon. There is no powder for the miners. HP has given £10 to Richard Owen to get some at Ffestiniog, but that will not be enough. Will JW be sending any of the vessel. HP thanks JW and Mr. Madocks for their praise. The men were demanding victuals as well as money in JW’s absence, but HP has stopped all that, except for the true volunteers and for 3 good young fellows from Anglesey whom JW himself engaged and would otherwise have left. The workmen now get more provisions with their money. He hopes he has done right. The sooner JW returns the happier everyone will be; at least all well wishers, the others can all go to the devil. He wishes to Mr. Madocks putting his enemies down. The work on the embankment is going on excellently, shortage of men and horses, especially on the other side when they have thousands of pounds of stuff ready. HP has heard many droll things but never that JW might return with only ceiniog y dima in his pocket. JW should receive the valuation of timber at Dolmelynllyn painful to Mr. Bowes who feels very much concerned at the falling of one single tree, so much so that he will not stop to see it. [Formerly W.A. Madocks Letters BJC/168/125].
XD8/2/127 1812 April 26 LETTER: H. Pace, Ynys Tywyn Office [Tremadog] to Mr. John Williams. HP was preparing the statements when Hugh Jones, Dolgellau arrived with Mr. Turner Ffestiniog to value the railroad wagons and all the effects on the Penrhyn side. He has received JW’s letter where he says that he was written to Amlwch for 40 miners. HP doubts that they must be given their dinner at Tywyn if they come. He hopes that JW will be home by the latter end of this week to put everything right. Wm. Davies has had two tons of coals for the Penrhyn and they shall have 4 there; one to be returned to Mr. Tregoning and 2 tons for Tanyrallt. From the statement JW will see that there will be £11 in hand after paying for the powder for provisions. If JW doesn’t come this week he must send remittance for the men. Parry is writing fully on the works. Mr. Samuel Roberts is crying out for his money for the bacon; he told JP that JW should pay £55 to Messrs. Williams Hughes and Jones, Copper Office, London. The others are beginning to cry out for their money for provisions. He asks JW to change the enclosed £1 note since he cannot get anyone to accept it here. He knows from whom he received it but they deny it. [Formerly W.A. Madocks Letters BJC/168/127].
XD/8/2/134 1812 May 1/2 LETTER: G[riffith] Parry, Embankment Office, [Tremadog] to Mr. John Williams. The men went on strike. He has persuaded them to keep on but they blame GP for his conduct while JW has been away since GP had always said that JW would be home soon with money. Some of them are in real need but why did they not give any warning, GP asked them. Somebody had told them they were not going to be paid, the men at Leesons’ Quarry kept on until six and he thinks they will come tomorrow. The market is uncommonly and no one trusts them for a penny. Ten thousand pities that such an event took place with the weather so fine. On Thursday they put up one more stilt further forward and now their wagons are discharged into the very [sic]. He was determined to finish the bridge by a week today. The tides are convenient but the high spring tides are approaching and what evil they may bring, God knows. They cannot continue until JW arrives or sends money. He apologises for the situation. P.S. 2 May. This morning at six, 10 men came to Leeson’s quarry and 3 or 4 labourers, no smith. They can do nothing with so few. Amlwch miners never came. No voluntary men on this side. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis, Gwynfryn, came to the embankment yesterday. [Formerly W.A. Madocks Letters BJC/168/133].
XD9/156 1912 REPORT: ADRODDIAD (rhif 2) Cymdeithasfa Chwarterol y Methodistiaid Calfinaidd yng Ngogledd Cymru, a gynhaliwyd yn Amlwch, 26-28 Mehefin, 1912.
XD9/1879 1793 May 1 1. John Roberts of Tyddyn Iago in the parish of Llanfairpwllgwyngyll, co. Anglesey, mariner. 2. Reverend Thomas Charles of Bala, co. Meirionnydd. Evan Richards of Caernarfon, Schoolmaster; John Jones of the parish of Edern, co. Caernarfon, gentleman. Robert Jones of the parish of Llaniestyn, co. Caernarfon, yeoman; John Roberts of Llanllyfni, Co. Caernarfon, schoolmaster. Hugh Williams of Drwsdaugoed in the parish of Llanrug, yeoman, and William Williams of Caernarfon, shopkeeper. COPY OF A MORTGAGE of two messuages and houses called Gardd Saffron (Saffron Garden), and part of Saffron Garden situated at Penrallt in the suburbs of Caernarfon. Consideration £60. Also refers to Lease and Release dated 1 and 2 Oct., 1792, made between the said John Roberts and Elizabeth Hughes of Cerrig y Bleiddiau in the parish of Amlwch, co. Anglesey, widow, and to an agreement made between the first and second parties for the purchase of the above named premises in order to convert them for a Chapel or meetinghouse "for the people called ’Methodists’".
XPE56/226 1821 March 28 LETTER to overseer of Aber re the apprehension of John Parry of Pen-y- Bryn, Nantglyn from Amlwch.
XPE56/285 n.d. LETTER from a farmer at Amlwch to the overseer Aber, suggesting a settlement in a dispute over the maintenance of a child and insisting that if the offer is not accepted the boy will quit the country.
XPE56/306 1824 March 8 REM0VAL ORDER for Thomas Davies and his family from Amlwch to Aber
XPE56/327 1805 Sept. 3 (1) John Hughes of Tyn-y-Lon, parish of Llaneilian, Anglesey, yeoman, John Hird of Lain y Ddial in the village of Amlwch, Anglesey, victualler and William Owen of Henblas, parish of Llaneilian, Anglesey, farmer. (2) The Church wardens and overseers of Aber. BOND in £50 to indemnify parish against a bastard child of Elizabeth Morris.
XM2418/901 1912 April SALE NOTICE of a public auction of dwellings, business premises and shipping shares at Llaneilian and Amlwch, Anglesey, to be conducted by Hughes and Jones at their Auction Mart, Mona Street, Amlwch on 6 April,1912.
XQS/1653+54/42 1653 Aug.17-Sept. 3 MEMORANDUM OF RECOGNIZANCES by Glynne Parry. 1. John Powell, Crickieth [Cricieth], yeoman to appear at the next session. Surety of £20. Sureties: Elis Moris, Umwlch [Amlwch], gent., and Owen John Owen, Brynhir [Bryncir], gent., for £10. Bound to keep the peace especially towards Boner Evans. Appended: Made default. Dated August 17. 2. William Lewes, Carnarvon [Caernarfon], yeoman, bound to keep the peace towards William Thomas, yeoman and to appear at the next session. Pledges by Thomas Williams, Carnarvon [Caernarfon], tanner and John Smyth of the same. Bailed by Thomas Williams and John Smith, Caernarvon [Caernarfon]. Dated September 3. 3. Elizabeth Owen, wife of Richard Wynne, Carnarvon [Caernarfon], gent., bound to keep the peace towards Katherin Lloyd wife of William Morgan, Carnarvon [Caernarfon], taylor, and to appear at the next session. Pledges by Edward Edwards, gent., and Thomas Smyth, Joyner of Carnarvon [Caernarfon]. Document: damaged and defective.
XQS/1653+54/164 1653/4 March 24 EXAMINATIONS OF WITNESSES at Madrin [Madryn]. 1. Robert Evans, Llanarmon, gent., aged c 23 did see on the 23rd of March one William Morris of Umulch [Amlwch] gent assaulting John Wynne of Pennarth, gent and after offering to walk with him he hit him on the head with a club, staff or spade, near the smithie of Plashên. 2. Humphrey Owen, Llangybi, gent., aged c 39, did see on the 23rd of March one William Moris of Umulch [Amlwch], gent., assaulting John Wynne of Pennarth near the smithie of Plashên.
XQS/1805/120 1805 July 20 MEMORANDUM OF RECOGNIZANCE of John Jones of Tan y Fronwent, pa.[rish] Amlwch, co. Anglesey, fisherman, Hugh Williams of Longan, pa.[rish] Amlwch, co. Anglesey, miner and Edward Williams of Tan y Fronwent, pa.[rish] Amlwch, co. Anglesey, smelter, for the appearance of John Jones at the next Quarter Sessions in a case of bastardy, namely that he is the father of the child of Jane Williams of pa.[rish] Llaniestyn, co. Carnarfon [Caernarfon], singlewoman.
XS/1077/7/1/2-3 Amlwch.
XS/1077/7/1/4-5 Port of Amlwch.
Image of XS1077/7/1/4 below.
XS/1853/185 ’Coetan Arthur’ cromlech on Mynydd Cefn Amlwch on the road from Sarn Mellteyrn to Tudweiliog.
XD2/4328 1735 June 24 1. Thomas Wynne of Bodvean, Esq., and John Wynne of Glynllifon, Esq., his son and heir. 2. Sidney Wynne of the Abbey, pa.[rish] Llanddogad, widow, John Williams of the City of Chester, Esq., and Jane Wynne, spinster and only dau. of Sidney Wynne. ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT in consideration of a marriage to be solemnised between John Wynne and Jane Wynne, touching lands in cos. Caerns. and Anglesey,as specified in the attached schedules, parishes Bodvean [Bodfean], Bottwnog [Botwnnog], Nevin [Nefyn], Llaneingan [Llanengan], Abererch, Llanynstwy [Llanystumdwy], Pistill, Llanor [Llannor], Llanunda [Llanwnda], Clynog [Clynnog], Llanhaern [Llanaelhaearn], Llangian, Bryncroes, Denio [Deneio], Llangwnadle [Llangwnnadl], Llandwrog, Llanllyfny [Llanllyfni], Llanglynnyn [Llangelynnin], Penmorfa, Caernarfon town and Llanbeblick [Llanbeblig], Llandecgwin [Llandecwyn], Llanrug, Bangor, Rhuwgyfylchy, Newborough, Llangainwen [Llanginwen], Llangristiolis [Llangristiolus], Henoglws [Heneglwys], Trewalchmay [Trewalchmai], Aberfraw [Aberffraw], Llangadwalader [Llangadwaladr], Llanfaylog [Llanfaelog], Llanfihengel yn Howyn [Llanfihangel-yn-Nhywyn], Holyhead, Llanfwrog, Llanrhyddles, Llanfairyngornwy [Llanfair-yng-Nghornwy], Llanfflewin [Llanfflewyn], Llaufechell, Amlwch, Llanfairlwfo, Llanallgo, Penrhose, Llanvair etc., Llanbeder, Penmynydd, and Llanfihangell Trebor. Attached: 2 SCHEDULES of property as mentioned above including the names of tenants, farms etc., and the amount of rent due. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 375]
XD2/4329+4330 1741 Aug.24 + 25 1. Thomas Wynne of Bodvean, Esq., John Wynne of Glynllivon, Esq., son and heir of Thomas and his wife Jane. 2. Sir Arthur Owen of Orielton, co. Pembroke, baronet, Sir Watkin Williams Wynne of Wynnstay co. Denbigh, baronet, William Vaughan of Corsygedol, co. Merioneth [Meirionnydd] Esq., and Robert Wynne of Bodyscallen, Esq. 3. Sidney Wynne of the Abbey, widow and Hugh Williams of the City of Chester, Esq.. POST-NUPTIAL SETTLEMENT [Lease and Release] in consideration of a marriage already solemnised between John Wynn and Jane his wife, dau. of Sidney Wynne (24 June 1735), touching a capital messuage and demesne lands called Bodvean, pa.[rish] Bodvean [Bodfean], a capital messuage and demesne lands called Glynllivon, pa.[rish] Llandwrog, and a messuage and lands called Llyar, pa.[rish] Clynnog, other messuages and lands in parishes Bodvean [Bodfean], Llandwrog and Clynnog; messuages and lands called Trefython, pa.[rish] Aberffraw and other lands in Anglesey; Gallt y calch, pa.[rish] Llandeckwin [Llandegwyn] and lands specified in 2 attached schedules being in parishes Bodvean [Bodfuan], Bottwnog [Botwnnog], Llangian, Bryncroes, Denio [Deneio], Llangwnadle [Llangwnnadl], Nevin [Nefyn], Llanengan, Abererch, Llanynstwy [Llanystumdwy], Pistill, Llannor, Llanwnda, Clynnog, Llanhaern [Llanaelhaearn], Llandwrog, Llanllyfny [Llanllyfni], Llanglynnyn [Llangelynnin], Penmorfa, Caernarfon, Llanbeblick [Llanbeblig], Llandecgwin [Llandegwyn], Llanrug, Bangor, Rhuwgyfylchy, Newborough, Llangeinwen, Llangristiolus, Heneglwys, Trewalchmai [Trewalchmai], Aberfraw [Aberffraw], Llangadwalader [Llangadwaladr], Llanfaylog [Llanfaelog], Llanfihangel yn Howyn [Llanfihangel-yn-Nhywyn], Holyhead, Llanfwrog, Llanrhyddled [Llanrhuddlad], Llanfairyngornwy [Llanfair-yng-Nhornwy], Llanfflewin, Llanfechell, Amlwch, Llanfairewfo, Llanallgo, Penrhose, Llanfair, etc., Llanbeder, Penmynydd, and Llanfihengel Trebor. Attached: 3 SCHEDULES of property as mentioned above including the name of tenant, names of farms etc., and the amount of rent due. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 253 and 376]
XD2/6475 1710 May 22 & 23 1. Benjamin Jones of Caernarfon, dyer; and John Roberts of pa.[rish] Amlwch, corviser. 2. Thomas Wynne of Bodvean, Esq.. LEASE AND RELEASE of The Boot, in the suburbs of Caernarfon, pa.[rish] Llanbeblick alias Llanpeblick [Llanbeblig]. Consideration: £60.5.0d. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 174 & 158]
XD2/6476 1710 May 23 1. Benjamen Jones of Caernarfon, dyer. 2. David Lloyd of Turkelin [Twrcelyn], co. Anglesey, Owen Lloyd of Llandyfrydog [Llandyfridog], clerk, and John Roberts, pa.[rish] Amlwch, Anglesey, corviser. RELEASE [after a Lease] of a messuage or dwellinghouse called Tû Hugh Jones y Cwrriwr, in the suburbs of Caernarfon, pa.[rish] Llanbeblick alias Llanbeblig [Llanbeblig], to the use of John Roberts, David and Owen Lloyd, the children of John Roberts and in default of children to the use of 1. forever. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 161]
XD2/6709 1874 April 4 1. John Hugh Jones of Llwynypiod, pa.[rish] Llandwrog, farmer. 2. Owen Parry of Derry near Amlwch, co. Anglesey, farmer and John Michael of Bangor, accountant. MORTGAGE of messuages or dwellinghouses, farm lands and hereditaments called Llwynypiod, pa.[rish] Llandwrog, to secure the sum of £500 and interest.
XD2/6710 1878 May 15 1. Owen Parry, late of Derry near Amlwch, co. Anglesey but now of Ffynnogion, pa.[rish] Llanfair, co. Denbs., farmer and John Michael of Bangor, accountant. 2. John Hugh Jones of Llwynypiod, pa.[rish] Llandwrog, farmer. 3. Hugh Thomas Williams, Bryncoch, Rhostryfan, pa.[rish] Llandwrog, farmer. MORTGAGE of all those messuages or dwellinghouses, farm, lands and hereditaments called Llwynypiod, to secure the sum of £450 and interest at 4%. Appended: FUTTHER CHARGE (15 July 1893) on above mortgage for securing £50 and interest.
XD2/6940 1817 June 18 & 19 1. Stephen Roose, late of Tymawr, but now of Bryntirion, pa.[rish] Amlwch, gent.. 2. Hugh Evans of Henblas, Esq.. 3. William Thomas of Caernarfon, gent.. 4. Owen Anthony Poole of Gorphwysfa, gent.. LEASE AND RELEASE of messuage, tenement and lands called Tyhen and Tynewydd or Tainewyddion, pa.[rish] Llanwnda. Consideration: £1060.
XD2/7254 1766 June 30 1. Sir John Wynn of Glynllivon, Bart., and Dame Jane, his wife. 2. Thomas Wynn of pa.[rish] St. James, co. Middx., eldest son and heir of Sir John Wynn and Dame Jane. 3. John Parry of Lincolns Inn, co. Middx., Esq.. 4. William Vaughan of Corsygedole, Esq., and William Williams of Glanrafon, Esq.. DEED TO LEAD USES [Bargain and Sale] before Common Recoveries to be suffered upon the Abbey demesne, lands and cottages in township of Maenan; Coed Sadwin, Coed dû hir, Pyle du, Ellis, Kedrin, Havod yr ynn, Cowlidd, Carregwen, Siglen, Penbryn, in township of Uwch Gallt in Llanbeder [Llanbedr]; Pant teg, a fulling mill, Segleu’r ythen, Bendu Mawr, Doly Garrog Mill, Porthlwydd, tu Uthoy in Fordd, Tanyfordd, Bendu Mawr, Tir Ucha in Fordd, Port Llwydd Glanrafon, 2 cottages, part of Foulk Prees’ late tenement with John Gabriel’s House, Clyttie’r Mawr Yr Ynys, Clait y Kelin, Clwt yr ychain, Y Wern Rhôs, Byddy Mawr, Deg Flourig, Siglen Vawr, Chot yr Ewanod, Kefn y Varlas, Rhosrydd issa, Pige, Kefn y Varles, Cledder Melinidd, Toppie, Rhrose Chydd Issa, Two Toppie, Plasdirie’r Go, Toppie, Glan Conway Ganol, Pladirie Hirion, Cennin Ucha, Cennin Issa, Glan Conway Issa, Glan Conway Ucha, Kethog Fawr, Glein’r Avon, in the township of Isgalt, pa.[rish] Llenbeder [Llanbedr]; Tyddyn Issa, Formae’s Llwif Issa, Malbyhlwrf Ucha, Henblas, Henllys, All lâs cottage, Tû dû in Melay Pryslegod township, pa.[rish] Llanvair [Llanfair], co. Denbigh; Havody Gôg, Dolwen, Pentre, Petrual, Brynynyr, Freeth Wen, y Freeth Ddoss, Brynwed, Bryn y Bryswell, Havod Lord, Pant Clyd, Melay and Croppog Mills, Rhys Eden Cott[age]s, Brin y Barkill in township of Petruel, pa.[rish] Llanfair Talhaearn, co. Denbigh; Tathyn Clwy Tu Canol, Waen Fawr, Plasdean, in township of Talharan, pa.[rish] Llanfair Talhaearn, co. Denbigh; Ackree, pa.[rish] Llansannon; Melay demesne, Plas bythan, Ve du le Frith, Kentmawr, Y Kefn, Tythyn Ucha, Bedwin, Creigiaur, Glyn Erwin, Corsey Gasey, Choty Ddavaddd, Kefn y Gwes, Havod Talog, Chot y ddavadddu, dyhwynt ii mynydd, Bryny Geifr, Freeth, Tythyn y Nant Cum, Gwyninger Cottage, Nantmawr, Llan, Gwergloed ddû, 2 houses, Fwll, pa.[rish] Llanvair; Cornwell, Havod Gan, in township Cornwall, Llanvair Talhaearn, co. Denbigh; Tythyn Cwm, Twn, Tythyn Bach, Bryny Cloth ydd, Tythyn Mwsogle, Pen y Voel, Shwyn-y-Saint, in Gwitherin, co. Denbigh; Bryn Anllach, Erin in Llansannan, co. Denbigh; The Three Boars’ Head in Denbigh; Hen Wron in Llanfydd; Llwyn dû in pa.[rish] Llangernw, co. Denbigh; Nant Manor, Voel Lâs, Nant Melay, pa.[rish] Llanfair Talhayarn [Llanfair Talhaearn], co. Denbigh; Cwm bow, doly garregwen, ne nodd Ddy, Maen y Ferem, Bryn Llywelin, Tuissa, Llan, Galltgoch, 6 cottages, pa.[rish] Ffestiniog; Gelli Garn, pa.[rish] Llandeckwyn [Llandecwyn]; Bodvean demesne, Tanygraig, Glanravon, Beacon, Mathan Back, Tayhirion, Machan Ganol, Hendre, Glangorse, Tythynewed, Mathan Ucher, Nant, Gwindy, Bryn y Gwes, Tan y Graig Cafn, Caeyn Bwlch, Pen y Bryn, Cefn, Ty y Pant, Tan y Graig, Ty ny twll, Ty ne Wydd, Caen y Bwlch, pa.[rish] Bodvean; Vaerdre, Gregaran, pa.[rish] Bottwnog [Botwnnog]; lands in pa.[rish] Llangian; Pennarfynydd, Fryth, Tyengan, Cefn, pa.[rish] Bryneroes; Gwn fryn, pa.[rish] Denio [Deneio]; farms, etc. in Llangwnable; Gabriels House and other farms etc. in pa.[rish] Nevin [Nefyn]; Pant y Gwair, Tre Follwyn, Bodwyn, pa.[rish] Llaneingan [Llanengan]; Yorris, Bryntanay, Llwygwrin, Brynbaca and other farms etc., pa.[rish] Abererch; Glayy Llyna, Avonven, pa.[rish] Llanynstwy [Llanystumdwy]; farm etc in Pistill and Llanor; Grynant, Gweredog, Clynog demesne, Pryscyny, Peny Pryn, Ynys, Maesog, Brynhavod, Glanmor, Park, Hent Pent, Carreg Boeth, Gorsylad, Caenneynen, Ty Glas, Buarth, Tymawr, Cumgwara, Maes Mawr, pa.[rish] Clynog; Moel fra Fawr, Caey Wraith, Tyddindrani, Gorsygeiliog, CaeDuon, Tyddynhir, pa.[rish] Llanhaern [Llanaelhaearn]; farms etc. pa.[rish] Llandwrog; Lludwed, Dolgay, pa.[rish] Llanllyfny [Llanllyfni]; farms etc. pa.[rish] Llanglynnyn [Llangelynnin]; Llystynkydd, pa.[rish] Penmorfa; houses etc. including Boot; Wern, Tydd, Cae Pen y Morfa, Sarn y dwergarw, Tyddin Pent y Gelly, The Custom House, Tan pits, in Caernarfon town and pa.[rish] Llanbeblick [Llanbeblig]; Gallty Calch, pa.[rish] Llandegrguin; Glynn Livon demesne, Tydd in Ellen, Ty yn Rhose, Bettus Llwynewla, Garth Dorwen, Garth Farm, Bryn y Beidyr, Gregan Icah, Gregan Issa, Tydd in Gwial Icha, Tydd in Gwial Issa, a fulling mill, Ynysoedd, Gallty Pig, Smithey, Pen Bryn, Tydd in Llan, Tydd in Swll, The Clerks Farm, the Millers House by the Church, Gwerny Tala, George’s House, Cae y Halen, pa.[rish] Llandwrog; mill, Pantd Wylan, pa.[rish] Llanunda [Llanwnda]; Gillfach, Drill Penyen, Hendre back, Brin Havod Maesog, pa.[rish] Clynog [Clynnog]; Tydd in y berth, pa.[rish] Llanllyfny [Llanllyfni]; a house in Street llin and 4 houses in the town Caernarfon and pa.[rish] Llanbeblick [Llanbeblig]; Ethidnon, pa.[rish] Llanrug; Tydd in diccus in Bangor; The Clerks Farms, pa.[rish] Rhuwgyfylchy; farms etc., in parishes Newborough, Llangainwen [Llangeinwen], Llangristiolis [Llangristiolus], Heneglwys, Trewalchmay [Trewalchmai]; Trafython and other farms, pa.[rish] Aberfraw [Aberffro]; farms etc., parishes Llangadwalader [Llangadwaladr], Llanfihangel yn Howen [Llanfihangel-yn-Nhywyn], Holyhead; Ty corn and other farms etc., pa.[rish] Llanfwrog; Heerecraig and other farms, pa.[rish] Llanrhyddled [Llanrhuddlad]; farms etc. parishes Llanfairyngornvy [Llanfair-yng-Nghornwy], Llanflewin [Llanfflewyn], Llanfechell, Am Lloch [Amlwch], Llanfairhofo, Llanallgo, Penrhose, Llanvair[pwllgwyngyll], Llanbeder, Penmynydd, Llanfihengen Trebor, Llanhaiarn, and Clynnog. Copy. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 456]
XD2/7300+7301 1826 July 4 1. Rt. Hon. Thomas John Lord Newborough, Baron Newborough in Ireland. 2. William Glynne Griffith of Bodegroes, Esq.. 3. Henry Rumsey Williams of Penrhos, gent.. DEED TO LEAD USES to two Common Recoveries, one each for the Caernarfon and Anglesey Estates [Lease and Release] touching the Rectory of the church of Abereitch [Abererch] with the chapel of Penrhos annexed with the appurtenances, with tithes and hereditaments and parts of the capital messuages, farms and lands in cos. Caerns. and Anglesey, being called Penrhyn quarter, Groes Quarter, Pen y grestan, and Pen Gyl on Bardsey Island; Court, allotment of common, Ystohelig, Brynmawr, pa.[rish] Aberdaron; Penarfynydd, pa.[rish]Llanfaelrhys; Bodgaia, Craig Ewig (part of Bodgaia), Craig y cael, allotment of common, part of Bodgaia (tenants - Elizais Griffith and Ann Griffith), Cochymoel and allotment of common, ty Engan, Vaerdre, Miria, Bachydai, pa.[rish] Bryncroes; Pynt y gwair and allotment of common called Morfa neigwl, Trefollwyn, pa.[rish] Llanengan; Penybryn, quillet in Hendrevor, pa.[rish] Llangwnadle [Llangwnnadl]; Penlleck Quit Rent, Brynbodfan, Quillet part of Brynbodfan in bryn y gloch, Quit Rent out of Caermaw, Lonlas, pa.[rish] Penlleck [Pennlech]; Graig y Geran, Ffridd, part of Ffridd, quillet in Trefaes, pa.[rish] Meilltyrne [Mellteyrn]; Bodwi and allotment of common, Murpoeth Cottage garden and allotment of common, Bryntirion and allotment, Nant, pa.[rish] Llangian; house and garden and part of Coehened, Tyddyn Llewelyn, Tany Capel, Castell and Llewian, part of Lenna, Gegus Cach, Bryn Meyrick and house and garden, Typoeth, Tynypentre, pa.[rish] Penrhos; house and garden in tenure of Jane Griffith, Tower House, Hand, Caerdew and Ffridd, house and garden (in tenure of David Williams, John Sorton), house, quillet and garden (in tenure of Humphrey Jones), house and garden (same tenants), house and garden and quillet (in tenure of William Rowlands), house, smithy and court (in tenure of John Rowlands), house (in tenure of John James), house (in tenure of the churchwardens and vicar of Llanbedrog), house (in tenure of Richard Matthew), house, The Plough Inn and malt house (in tenure of Richard Williams), house (in tenure of churchwardens and vicar of Denio [Deneio]), house and garden (in tenure of Owen Owens), house (in tenure of David Jones), house and garden (in tenure of John Hugh ap Owen), garden (in tenure of Richard Ellis), garden (in tenure of John Prichard), Gallt House, Pwll George and Gadlus, part of Gors (in tenure of Robert Roberts), part of Morfamawr (in tenure of Catherine Thomas and Evan Roberts), part of Morfamawr in tenure of John Thomas, house and garden (in tenure of John Roberts), Gimblet rock, pa.[rish] Denio [Deneio]; Gwynfryn, Cefn Coch and lots of Rhosy gwyfil, Caeagwynion, mill and land and Gwynfryn fields, pa.[rish] Llannor and Denio [Deneio]; Rhodyn Cochion, Gelli dara, Brynhynog (part of Gelli dara), Pandy bach, house, garden and quillet in Efal newydd, Penysarn, Tynyffordd and quillet had in exchange for part of Penysarn, Cae Melfed and Castell, Tynycoed, Penllwyn, Taiynlon and quillet, Cae corn du, part of Brynhynog called Erw and Rhos tan yr Erw, Tir Cook, house, garden and lands and quillet, part of Tyn y Werglodd, quillet in Coedyorydd, part of Cae Cook lands, Tynywerglodd and Gardd Catherine Thomas, Llys and garden and other part of Tyny Werglodd, Tynrhos, Butting, part of Tynrhos, Ystedufa, Pencuerchwith and quillet in Llannor, garden (in tenure of Gabriel Jones), quillet in Cymeirter, Glasynys, Cwerffordd and house and lands, pa.[rish] Llannor; Tynypentre, field, part of Tynypentre, Brynians Gors, quit rent out of Hendre, pa.[rish] Edern; Rhos Pridin, house, garden and quillet in Penmaes, quillet in Penmaes, 2 quillets (in tenure of David Wilson), garden near church (in tenure of Henry Ellis), garden and quillet joining the house (in tenure of Richard Williams), Penygraig, Glynllifon lands, fields in tynpwll and Llain, Bodfean, Botacho Wynn, Tymawr, Ty Thomas, other part of ty Thomas called Tynewydd, meadow by quillet, Bryncynan, Weradon, house and quillets (in tenure of Robert Hughes), Bwlchbridin, Tynypwll, Llwynygwalch, Penylon house and lands and quillet detached, Pwll blew, Botacho, Ffynonan, tyn ypwll and quillet, Peny bont quillet and garden, cottage (in tenure of William Griffith), house and garden (in tenure of Rowland Jones), house, mill and lands (in tenure of Robert Williams, Richard Williams, John Owens, William Roberts and Robert Richards), house and part of garden taken from Nevin Mill (in tenure of William Williams), 2 houses and other parts of garden (in tenure of John Williams and John Meredith), house, garden and 2 quillets (in tenure of Robert Jones), house, garden and quillets (in tenure of widow of Owen Jones), house and garden (in tenure of David Wilson), Cae Gadlas and quillets, Ty Robert Parry, of house and garden (in tenure of John Griffith), Holborn, lands part of Holborn, house, garden and quillets part of Holborn (in tenure of Griffith Thomas), house, garden and quillet in Upper Town’s field, house and quillet (in tenure of John Griffith), house and garden and quillet (in tenure of David Wilson), Peny gongl, shamber Penymaes, house and garden (in tenure of Robert Jones), house and garden (in tenure of William Owen), 2 gardens and close (in tenure of Griffith Price), house and quillet in town, field, house and garden (in tenure of Jane Hughes), quillets (in tenure of John Edwards), quillets in Brynbras, Ty Randles or Wach, house and fields (in tenure of William Griffith), Caepenybryn or Barn’s field, house or garden adjoining (in tenure of Richard Thomas), 2 store houses (in tenure of John Williams), store house (in tenure of Robert Thomas), 5 houses and fields on Nefin Mountain (in tenure of William Thomas, Meredith Jones, Robert Meredith, William Williams), house and field and garden on Nefin Mountain (in tenure of John Roberts), 3 houses and fields on Nefin Mountain (in tenure of William Daniel, overseers of Nefyn, Richard Williams) common piece of land, cottage of Jane John Jones, cottage of Mary Williams, Park Gyddermas, Gwylwyr, pa.[rish] Nefin [Nefyn]; Bodfean mansion and part of demesne, other part of demesne, other part of demesne (in tenure of Adair McKarzie), mill and land (in tenure of Richard William), Glanrafon isaf, house and smithy and garden (in tenure of Methusalem Griffith), house adjoining smithy (in tenure of Elizabeth Roberts), Tymawr, Tyddan cae, Gwyndu, Bryngroes, Taihirion, Tyndyncoed bach, Hendre and Caermiria, Nant, Tynycoedmawr, Tan y graig, school house, house and quillet (in tenure of John Roberts), house and quillet (in tenure of John Roberts), Glanygois, Penysarn part of Glanygois, Allt goch part of Glanygois, Talysarn, Mathanganol, Mathanuchaf, Mathanisaf, part of Mathanisaf, Glaniafonuchaf, Tynymynydd, Tyny pant, Cefn iwrch, Glanrhyd, out of the Glebe, Tynewydd, house (in tenure of John Jones), Caebwlch, allotment of common adjoining and Glanrafonsafa issa, Frochas, Penry bryn, Cefn, pa.[rish] Bodfean; Ffridd, Bodeilias, Abergafran, lots of common (in tenure of John Morris), Llwynysgau, allotment of common (in tenure of Owen Williams), 3 houses and allotments of common on the mountain (in tenure of William Hughes, David Williams, and John Morris), pa.[rish] Pistill; Rhydagloefon, mill and lands (in tenure of Robert and Griffith Humphrey), Miria, Tyndyngwynllian, Llech Engan, Tyddyn Cadwalader, house and inclosures on Carnguwch mountain (in tenure of David Roberts); Yoke House, part of Tanyrallt being part of Yoke House, Penlôn fawr part of Tanyrallt, Bryntani Ganol, Bryntani isaf, Bryntani bach or Rhosydd, part of Nant, Tyhwnt’ir fford, part of Rallt fawr, cottage and garden (in tenure of Ellis Prichard), Tyn y ffynon, limekiln, Bryneithin and Cae ysgybor, Nant, ground part of Ysgubor Nant, Caeucha part of Tanyrallt, part of Tanyrallt, Cae morfa part of Tanyrallt, part of Tanyrallt called Rallt fawr, Gelli part of Caertyddyn, [another] part of Caertyddyn, part of Nant, other part of Nant, Bryncrin, Ynysfawr and enclosed common, Henllan, allotment of common called Rhosfawr, house and lands (in tenure of Thomas Williams), Plasnewydd, Llwyngwyn and Abereirch Mill lands, Penychain, part of Penychain, other part of Penychain, allotment of Abereirch marsh (in tenure of Griffith Williams), Penrhyn, cottage (in tenure of pa.[rish] of Abereirch [Abererch]), limekiln and house (in tenure of William Parry), cottage and quillet (in tenure of Lowry Lloyd), pa.[rish] Abereirch [Abererch]; Penycham, Mur Cwt y lloer, Tyddyn mawr, Bryn y lachan, Tyddyn y berth, Penybryn, Gwerddubach, Dylwyn, Garneddfelan, Pencoed back, Tyddyn ap Howel, pa.[rish] Llanarmon; Glanllyna, Afonwen, Hendu, pa.[rish] Llanystymdwy [Llanystumdwy]; Pant Evan and allotment on Gorllwyn, pa.[rish] Penmorfa; Llecheiddior and allotment and Moel Hebog, pa.[rish] Llanfihangel y Pennant; Court, Tyddyn y Monsur, Ty newydd, pa.[rish] Llandwrog; Garth, Cae Gronwy, pa.[rish] Llanwnda; Cefnysoedd, Plasynddreinias, Llwynycryn, Plasisa and Plas Iolyn, Lleinia Harry Rowland or Harveys quillets, Porth leidiog, Fron quillet, pa.[rish] Llanfagdalen; house in High St., and Dolyfelin, tilting mill, house and garden in Southern Penrallt, house and malt house in Tanybont, the Tower House, pa.[rish] Llanbeblig and Caernarfon town; Aberkin, pa.[rish] Llanystymdwy [Llanystumdwy]; 3 parts of Lancaster House, part of Almshouses, Coach and Horses, part of Almshouses, Sun Inn and garden part of Lancaster House, parts of Almshouses, 2 parts of Lancaster House, 2 parts of Almshouses, 2 parts of Lancaster House, pa.[rish] Conwy; Treddaniel, Glanygors, Brynia Llygod, Penybonkdeg, Tanyrardd, pa.[rish] Holyhead; Plas Glyn and Manior, Tyddyn y Gors, Gorseddfeirig and Cae Ednyfed ffychan, pa.[rish] Llanfwrog; Tycroes, Creigmor, pa.[rish] Llanrhyddlud [Llanrhuddlad]; quillet in Rhos y Car, pa.[rish] Llanfachreth; Caerhydedog, pa.[rish] Llanfechell; Mynydd blewog, pa.[rish] Llanflewin [Llanfflewin]; Tregog, pa.[rish] Amlwch; Tyddyn y waen, Tyddynywaenbach, pa.[rish] Pewrhos Lligwy [Penrhos Llugwy]; Tymawr, allotment in Rhosfawr, pa.[rish] Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf; Boderfon y Glyn, Bwth y llyfant, pa.[rish] Llanfihangel Trerebeirda [Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd]; Currog Croes, pa.[rish] Llanbedigoch; Tynylon, pa.[rish] Trewalchmai; Ty newydd, Waen, pa.[rish] Llangeniwen; Clynnog bach, pa.[rish] Newborough; and quillets (in tenure of Thomas Smith), pa.[rish] Llangeinwen. Also Tithe (let in parcels): Carrol parcel, Uchaf parcel, Trefgoed parcel, Gogwmmwd parcel, small Tithe, pa.[rish] Abereirch [Abererch]; Penrhos Parish, pa.[rish] Penrhos; Bettws Garmon, parish, pa.[rish] Bettws Garmon; Parkia parcel, Crug parcel, Uchaf parcel, Isaf parcel, pa.[rish] Llanfair is Gaer; Moduses: Prysgol, Hafod y rleyg, Tydd yn wirgin, Bryn, Crug, Llanfair, to be held to the use of 1.. Endorsed: NOTE of previous Indenture of Lease and Release (12 and l3 Feb. 1827) between 1. and William Adams LLD., touching the messuages, tenements, farms, lands and hereditaments mentioned in the schedule, parishes Bardsey Island, Aberdaron, Llanfacbitrys [?Llanfaelrhys], Bryncrves [Bryncroes] and Llanengan, assigned by mortgage for the securing £10000 and interest at £4.10.0. per cent per annum. NOTE of previous Indenture of Lease and Release (12 & 13 Feb. 1827) between 1. and Rt. Hon. Edmond Earl of Limerick, Sir Richard Brooke de Capel Brooke, Bart., William Adams, Doctor of Laws and Chidley Cooke, Esq., touching the messuages or tenements, farms, lands and hereditaments mentioned in the schedule, parishes Llangwndadle [Llangwnnadl], Penleck [Penllech], Meilltyrne [Mellteyrn], Llangian, Edern, Pistill, Caringiroch [Carnguwch] and Llanarmon, assigned by mortgage for the securing of £10000 and interest at £4.10.0 per cent per annum.
XD2/7304 1826 Aug. 21 Court of Great Session of County of Anglesey at Beaumaris [Biwmares]. COMMON RECOVERY with triple voucher. Demandant: William Glynne Griffith Esq. Tenant: Henry Rumsey Williams gent. 1st Vouchee: Rt. Hon. Thomas John Lord Newborough. 2nd vouchee: John Dent gent. touching 50 messuages, 50 dwelling houses, 50 cottages, 50 barns, 50 stables, 50 outbuildings, 3000 acres land, 3000 acres arable land, 3000 acres meadow land, 3000 acres pasture, 500 acres furze and heath, common of pasture and turbary with the appurtenances in Holyhead, Llanfwrog, Llanrhyddlad [Llanrhuddlad], Llanfachreth, Llanfechell, Llanflewin [Llanfflewin], Amlwch, Penrhoslligwy [Penrhos Llugwy], Llanfairmathafarneithaf [Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf], Llanfihangeltierbeirdd [Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd], Llanbedergoch, Trewalchmai, Llangeinwen and Newborough otherwise Llanbeder Newborough. Enclosed: COMMON RECOVERY (15 Aug. 1826). Parties and premises as above. Fragments of seal.
XD2/7305 1826 Aug.23 Court of Great Session of County of Anglesey at Beaumaris [Biwmares]. CERTIFICATE of Common Recovery with triple voucher (12 August 1766). Demandant: William Vaughan, Esq., and William Williams, Esq. Tenant: John Parry, Esq. 1st vouchee: Thomas Wynn, Esq. 2nd Vouchee: Sir John Wynn, Bart., and Dame Jane his wife. touching 55 messuages, 230 acres land, 110 acres meadow, 460 acres pasture and 110 acres furze and heath, with common of pasture, in parishes Newborough, Llangainwen [Llangeinwen], Llangristiolys [Llangristiolus], Heneglwys, Trewalchmay [Trewalchmai], Aberffraw [Aberffro], Llangadwalader [Llangadwaladr], Llanfaylog [Llanfaelog], Llanfihangelynhowyn [Llanfihangel-yn-Nhywyn], Holyhead, Llanfwrog, Llanrhyddlad [Llanrhuddlad], Llanfairynghornwy [Llanfair-yng-Nghornwy], Llanfewlin [Llanfflewyn], Llanfechell, Amlwch, Llanfairlwfo, Llanallgo, Penrhose [Penrhos], Llanfair, Llanbeder [Llanbedr], Penmynydd and Llanfihangel Treban [Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd]. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 4967]
XD2/7311+7312 1826 Nov. 29 & 30 1. Rt. Hon. Thomas John Lord Newborough. 2. Rt. Rev. Father in God, Sir George Tomline, Bart., Lord Bishop of Winchester and the Rt. Hon. William Earl of St. Germans. MORTGAGE [Lease and Release] for securing £7000 and interest, of Treddaniel, Glanygors, Brynia Llygod, Penybontdeg, Tanyrardd, pa.[rish] Holyhead; Plas Glyn and Meinior, Tyddyn y Gors, Gorsedd feirig, pa.[rish] Llanrhyddlud [Llanrhuddlad]; Quillet in Rhos y Cae, pa.[rish] Llanfachreth; Tregog, pa.[rish] Amlwch, Tyddyn Waen, Tyddyn Waenbach, pa.[rish] Penrhos Cligwy [Penrhos Llugwy]; Tymawr, allotments on Rhosfawr, pa.[rish] Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf; Bodafon y Glyn, Bwth y Clyfant, pa.[rish] Llanfihangel Trerbeirdd [Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd]; Currog Croes, pa.[rish] Llanbedijoch [Llanbedr Goch]; Tynylon, pa.[rish] Trewalchmai; Tynewydd, Waen, pa.[rish] Llangeinwen; Clynnogbach, pa.[rish] Newborough, quillets in pa.[rish] Llangeinwen and tithes in parishes Abereirch [Abererch], Bettws Garmon, Llanfairis Gaer [Llanfair-is-Gaer]. Lands and rentals specified in schedule incorporated in the deed. Endorsed: 1. William Earl of St. Germans. 2. The Rt. Hon. Richard Neville Griffith, Lord Braybrook and John Wright of Henrietta St., Covent Garden, co. Middx., gent.. 3. Thomas Farrer of Lincolns Inn Fields, co. Middx., gent.. ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE (28 May l830) [Lease and Release] on the above properties. Consideration 10/0d. Endorsed: 1. William Earl of St. Germans and the Rt. Hon. Richard Neville Griffith, Lord Braybrooke, and John Wright of Henrietta St., Covent Garden, co. Middx., Esq.. 2. Sir Edmund Antrobus of the Strand, co. Middx., bart.. ASSIGNMENT of Mortgage (20 Feb. 1841) [Lease and Release] on the above properties. Consideration: 10/0d. Endorsed: 1. William Earl of St. Germans, and the Rt. Hon. Richard Neville Griffin Lord Braybrooke and Sir Edmund Antrobus of the Strand, co. Middx., Bart. 2. The Rt. Hon. Edward Granville Eliot commonly called Lord Eliot, Chief Secretary for Ireland and John Henry Pringle of Stratford Place, co. Middx., Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. ASSIGNMENT of Mortgage (4 May 1843) on properties as above. Consideration: 10/0d. Endorsed: 1. The Rt. Hon. Edward Granville Eliot, Earl of St. Germans and John Henry Pringle, late of Stratford Place, co. Middx., Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. 2. The Rt. Hon. Spencer Bulkeley Lord Newborough of Glynllifon. REC0NVEYANCE of the premises above, after the repayment of £7000 contained in the Mortgage. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 368 and 433]
XD2/8342 n.d. [post 1766] DESCRIPTION of parcels of land in a Bargain and Sale, 30 June, 1766, touching the Manor or Lordship of Ardde otherwise Arthe, the Abbey in the township of Meynan; Melay in Llanwair, co. Denbs; Cwnbow, pa.[rish] Ffestiniog, and other property of Sir John Wynne and dame Jane his wife, and Thomas Wynne in cos. Denbs., Merioneth [Meirionnydd] and Caerns.; Bodvean, pa.[rish] Bodvean; Glynllivon, pa.[rish] Llandwrog; Llyar, pa.[rish] Clynnog; Trefythar, pa.[rish] Aberfraw [Aberffro]; Callty Calch, pa.[rish] Llandergwn, co. Merioneth [Meirionnydd] and other lands cos. Anglesey and Merioneth [Meirionnydd]; Segroyt and Segroyt Mill, pa.[rish] Llanrhder in Kinmerth [Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch], Denbigh Parks in town and pa.[rish] Denbigh and 4 mills; and other lands of Sir John Wynne and Dame Jane his wife, situated in the several townships and parishes of Bodvean, Bottwnog [Botwnnog], Llangian, Bryncroes, Denn, Llangwnadle [Llangwnnadl], Nevin [Nefyn], Llaneingan [Llanengan], Abereth [Abererch], Llanynstwy [Llanystumdwy], Pistill, Llanor [Llannor], Llanunda [Llanwnda], Clynnog, Llanhaern [Llanaelhaearn], Llandwrog, Llanllyfny [Llanllyfni], Llanglynnyn [Llangelynnin], Penmorfa, Caernarfon otherwise Llanbeblin [Llanbeblig], Llanrug, Bangor, Rhuwgyfyldchy, Arde otherwise Arthe, Llangristioehs [Llangristiolus], Heneyllwys [Heneglwys], Trewalchmay [Trewalchmai], Aberpaw, Llangadwalader [Llangadwaladr], Llanflewyn [Llanfflewin], Llanfchell [Llanfechell], Am Lioch [Amlwch], Llanfair, L wfs, Llanago [Llanallgo], Penrhose [Penrhos], Llanfalog [Llanfaelog], Llanrhyddled [Llanrhuddlad], Llanfair yn Garnwy [Llanfair-yng-Nghornwy], Llanvair [Llanfair], Llanbair, Pennynydd [Penmynydd], Llanfiengel [?Llanfigel], Treban, Ffestiniog, Lladeckwyn [Llandecwyn], Melai, Preeslygod, Petrual, Talhawyn, Barrog, Garwell, Denbigh, Nantmawr, Llanvair Gwythern, Llansannan, Llan fydd, Llangernieu [Llangernyw], Llanfairtalhayarn [Llanfair Talhaearn], Llanraida [Llanrhaeadr], cos. Caernarfon, Denbigh, Merioneth [Meirionnydd] and Anglesey. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 4607]
XD2/8356 n.d. [c.1815] SURVEY: volume of plans of Lord Newborough’s estate in Wales with references giving farm names and acreages, parishes Bodvean, Llanguan [Llangian], Llanengan, Llanfaelrhys, Aberdaron and Bardsey, Bryncroes, Meilltyrn [Mellteyrn], Llangwnadl [Llangwnnadl], Tydweiliog [Tudweiliog] and Edern, Nevin [Nefyn], Carngiwch [Carnguwch], Llanfihangel y Pennant, Llandwrog, Abererch, Llanystymdwy [Llanystumdwy], Llanarmon, Pistyll, Penmorfa, Llanfaglan, Llannor, Penrhos, Llangwnadle [Llangwnnadl], Denio [Deneio], Llanwnda, Dwygygylchi [Dwygyfylchi], Conwy, Caerhun, Clynnog, Llanaelhaiarn [Llanaelhaearn], Llanllyfni, Llanbeblig, Llanrug, Penllech, Llanddeiniolen, Gyffin; Llancadwaladr [Llangadwaladr], Llanfechell, Penrhoslligwy [Penrhosllugwy], Llanfwrog, Holyhead, Llanfflewyn [Llanfflewin], Amlwch, Llanrhyddlad [Llanrhuddlad], Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd, Aberffraw, Llanfairmathafarn eitha [Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf], and Llanbedrgoch, Newborough, Llangeinwen; Llanfairtalhaiarn [Llanfair Talhaearn], Llanrhaiadr [Llanrhaeadr], Gwytherin, Llansannan, Llangerniw [Llangernyw], co. Denbs; and in Ffestiniog and Llandecwyn. (Including an account of various quarrying trials carried out in pa.[rish] Ffestiniog).
XD2/8357 n.d. [c.1815] BOOK of reference to a survey of the Bodvean estate, in parishes Bodvean, Aberdaron, Bardsey, Llanfaelrhys, Llanengan, Llangian, Meilltyrn [Mellteyrn], Bryncroes, Edern, Nevin [Nefyn], Abererch, Llanarmon, Carngywch [Carnguwch], Pistyll, Penmorfa, Llanystymdwy [Llanystumdwy], Llanfaglan, Llannor, Penrhos, Llanfihangel y Pennant, co. Caerns.; and of the Anglesey estate in parishes Amlwch, Holyhead, Llanbedr goch, Llanflewyn [Llanfflewin], Llanfachreth, Llanfair Mathafarn Eithaf, Llanfechell, Llanfihangel Tre’r Bwiess [Llanfihangel Tre’r Beirdd], Llanfwrog, Penrhos Llugwy, Aberffraw and Llanrhyddlad [Llanrhuddlad] and purchased estates in co. Caerns. in the parishes Llanbeblig, Llandwrog, Llanfaglan, and Llanwnda and Clynnog; and of the Glynllivon estate in parishes Llandwrog, Llanaelhaiarn [Llanaelhaearn], Llanbeblig, Llanddeiniolen, Dwygygylchi [Dwygyfylchi], Gyffin, Bangor, Caerhun, Conwy, Aberffraw, Llangadwaladr, and Newborough in the County of Anglesey. Relates to the plans in no. XD2/8356.
XD2/8367 n.d. [c.1825] SCHEDULE of the property of Lord Newborough in parishes Llandwrog, Llanunda [Llanwnda], Llanhayarn [Llanaelhaearn], Clynnog, Llanllyfny [Llanllyfni], Caernarfon town and Llanbeblick [Llanbeblig], Llanrug, Bangor, Rhuwgyfylchy, Newborough, Llangeinwen, Llangristiolus, Heneglwys, Trewalchmay [Trewalchmai], Aberfraw [Aberffro], Llangadwalader [Llangadwaladr], Llanfaylog [Llanfaelog], Llanfihengel yn Howyn [Llanfihangel yn Nhywyn], Holyhead, Llanfwrog, Llanrhyddled [Llanrhuddlad], Llanfairyngnornwy [Llanfair yng Nghornwy], Llanfflewin, Llanfechell, Am Lwch [Amlwch], Llanfairlwfo, Llanallgo, Penrhose [Penrhos], Llanvair [Llanfair] etc., Llanbedr, Penmynydd, Llanfihengel, Treban and Llanhaiarn [Llanaelhaearn] giving the names of tenants and the rents. [N.L.W. Glynllivon 4606 pt.]
XS/2171/4/743 n.d. Long distance view of the copper mines, Amlwch.
XS/2171/4/744 n.d. MOUNTED PHOTOGRAPH of Amlwch Port in 1925 taken from a box camera negative.
XS/2171/4/745 n.d. Amlwch harbour with fishing boats.
XS/2171/4/746 n.d. Amlwch harbour.
XS/2171/4/747 n.d. Amlwch harbour with mooring stump and yacht at anchor.
XS/2171/4/749 n.d. Fishing boats tied up in a harbour, probably Amlwch.
XS/2171/4/750 n.d. MOUNTED PHOTOGRAPH entitled ’Small Boats at Anchor’. Probably Amlwch.
XS/2171/15/25 1965 Oct. 11 B.R. Standard class 4 locomotive 75024 hauling tanker wagon, part of Amlwch - Menai Bridge up goods train.
XD2/12921 1831 May 23 1. Thomas John, Lord Newborough of Glynllivon. 2. Richard Owen of Amlwch, miner. TAKE NOTE to search for minerals on a rock called Clogwyn y Morfa in pa.[rish] Llanhaiarn [Llanaelhaearn] in occupation of Hugh Jones. Rent: One-tenth of all minerals.
XD2/13447 1883 March 6 LETTER: J.P. de Winton, Caernarfon, to Fred [G. Wynn]. He had time to spare at Menai Bridge after returning from Amlwch the other day, and so went to see G. Edwards. The boat’s planking is up to the check line, and looked good, the shape being nearly exactly that requested. They can do no good by going there until the beam and bulkheads are in. He reports on progress with the boiler, and the work will not take long on such a small boiler. It should do about 10½ knots.
XD2/14436 1884 Oct. 17 SALE CATALOGUE of Ynys ferw and Pilwrn in parishes Llanfihangel ys-ceifiog [Llanfihangel Esceifiog] and Amlwch. Plans.
XD2/14479 1903 Oct. 10 SALE CATALOGUE of farms, tenements, building sites etc., in parishes Llanrug, Waunfawr, Llanaelhaiarn [Llanaelhaearn], and Amlwch. Plans.
XD2/15067 1800 Jan. 1 COPY DOCUMENT OF PROCESS issued by William Evans, attorney, for the demandants in a Common Recovery touching fifty-five messuages, 230 acres of land, 110 acres of meadow, 460 acres of pasture, 110 acres of furze and heath, and common of pasture in parishes Newborough, Llangeinwen, Llangristiolus, Heneglwys, Trewalchmai, Aberffraw, Llangadwaladr, Llanfaelog, Llanfihangel yn Nhowyn, Holyhead, Llanfwrog, Llanrhyddlad, Llanfairynghornwy, Llanfflewin, Llanfechell, Amlwch, Llanfairllwfo, Llanallgo, Penrhos, Llanfair, Llanbedr, Penmynydd and Llanfihangel Treban, heard in the second session for 1766. Appended: LETTER: Samuel Grindley to William Pownall, Staple Inn, London. If the 1766 recovery was meant to cover the whole acreage, it falls far short of that. His agent fears there is a defect in the title to land sold at Llanerchymedd.
XD2/15748 1824 Feb. 27 LETTER: Elizabeth Madryn, Amlwch, to Lord Newborough, asking for the £9.13.0d. which his Lordship’s late father owed her late son William.
XD2/16439 1826 Jan. LETTER: John Jones and Joseph Jones, Amlwch, to Lord Newborough announcing the conclusions reached at a literary meeting, where it was decided to erect a monument to the late Rev. Goronwy Owen, A.M., the Bard of Anglesey. Enclosed: PRINTED sheet of conclusions of meeting.
XD2/17064 1831 Dec.30 LETTER: W. Williams, land surveyor, Bangor to the Hon. Spencer Wynn asking to be considered for the post previously occupied by G. Bettiss. He once served under the Marquis of Anglesey’s father in the mines at Amlwch. He offers, if engaged, to survey and map some lands for his Lordship.
XD2/17638 1834 March 17 LETTER: Evan Humphries, Llanerchymedd, to Lord Newborough, re the stuff which was taken from ?Mynydd Pen Garnedd in Llyn to the sea office in Amlwch, which turned out to be sulphur. He requests his permissoin to make further tests.
XD2/18806 1839 April 9 LETTER: Joseph Williams, Secretary of the [Literary] Society, Amlwch, to Lord Newborough, soliciting donations or annual subscriptions and donations of books. The society has been recently formed to promote useful knowledge, especially among the young people of Amlwch, and intends to form a library of books and hold lectures on scientific subjects.
XD2/18876 1839 July 8 LETTER: Joseph Williams, Secretary of the Amlwch Institution for the Promotion of Useful Information, to Lord Newborough, advising of a lecture to be given on 12 July 1839 by Mr. William Fricker at the Amlwch National Schoolroom, on Geology with particular reference to Anglesey.
XD2/19043 1840 Jan 31 LETTER: Mr. Johnson, Chairman of the Amlwch Board of Health, Amlwch to Lord [Newborough], asking his Lordship to contribute to a collection being made in the neighbourhood of Amlwch for the relief of the great and increasing poverty of the lower orders there, of late aggravated by sickness.
XD2/20011 1842 June LETTER: W[illia]m Elias, at Bangor to Lord [Newborough]. He is going a round of tithe meetings through Anglesey, and will receive his Lordship’s commands at the Tymawr Inn, Amlwch. He hopes the Red paint has arrived from Webster. He is glad that the fever at Glyn[llifon] is abating, and that Miss. Ellen Glyn[ne] is well.
XD2/20340 1843 March 2 LETTER: Benjamin Roos, Amlwch to Wm. Elias, Abbey. He is instructed to apply for costs for John Hughes of Talybrontan, Llandyfrydog and Zachariah Edwards of Llandyfrydog, farmers, as witnesses under subpoena in two cases at Beaumaris [Biwmares] in which Lord Newborough was concerned re the tenant of Glynn. Mr. Rumsey Williams has told him to apply to Lord Newborough. He requests Wm. Elias, as his Lordship’s agent, to send an order for the amounts due. Appended: NOTE by W[m] E[lias] of his observations on the letter.
XD2/20358 1843 March 15 LETTER: Benjamin Roos, Amlwch to Griffith Jones, Esq., solicitor, Pwllheli. John Hughes and Zechariah Edwards say they received nothing for attending the hearing at Beaumaris [Biwmares]. He requests him to advise Lord Newborough to pay the money.
XD2/20402 1843 April 15 LETTER: G. Jones, Yoke House to Lord [Newborough], enclosing a letter [present] from Benj. Roos, Amlwch (13 April 1843) to him, requesting a reply re the expenses of John Hughes and Zechariah Edwards.
XD2/20975 1844 Sep 30 LETTER: Wm. Elias, The Abbey to Lord [Newborough]. He is trying to get payment of arrears, but the small cattle did not sell at Denbigh Fair or Menai Bridge Fair. He discusses the sale of the lease of Cedrun Slate Quarry; he hopes the present company will be exchanged for a better one. He recommends John Jones be given tenancy of Maesyplwm; all the applicants need a house built there. He obtained red paint from Mr. Webster, Vitriol ___ Works, Amlwch; Messrs. Wm. Hill and sons, Saughall Road, Liverpool, sell the same stuff but in oil, like white lead paint, and it is a good timber preservative. There are few filberts, but Dickson of Chester could supply real ones. Miscellaneous estate business. Enclosed: LETTER: (20 August 1844): Richard Howard, Llanrhaeadr, [co. Denbs.] to Wm. Elias. Mrs. Mary Jones of Penygerddi requests an abatement in the arrears due from her, as she has lost her husband and daughter, and has had to pay heavy medical bills.
XS/2171/1/101 1950-1965 The cargo vessel motor vessel Chantala of the British India Line at sea off Amlwch, Anglesey.
XD2/21298 1845 July LETTER: Kitty Wynn to Lord Newborough. She writes that she has received a letter from Mrs. Williams of Amlwch asking her to solicit Col. Douglas Pennant to solicit an appointment for her son in the Customs or other government office. Kitty also asks his Lordship to help gain a post for him. She gives much family news.
XD2/21900 1847 March 12 LETTER: M. Williams, Amlwch, Anglesey to Lord Newborough. He writes that, because of the distress in the area, it was resolved at a meeting of the better off inhabitants of Amlwch that they ought to solicit the aid of the landed proprietors connected with the locality under the prevailing circumstances of want. Therefore, he, on behalf of the incumbent of Amlwch, asks his Lordship for his humane help to relieve the desperate situation.
XS/2171/1/182 1920s-1930s The small coasters Dunleith and Eleth (steam powered) in the narrow entrance to Amlwch port, Anglesey, at low tide. See also XS/2171/2/82. No negatives.
XD2A/42-43 Amlwch
XD2A/43 SKETCH of the palisade in Amlwch. Lord Newborough’s name appears on the dorse. Document size 20 x 15cm.
XS/2171/2/82 1920s-1930s Three small, 2 masted sailing vessels (schooners or ketches) in Amlwch Port. The two small steamers in background are those in XS2171/1/182. No negatives.
XS2000/38 Mrs. H. Parry (left) and Miss M. Hobday, Civil Defence Welfare Section members from Amlwch, making coconut sponge for lunch.
XS2000/39 Grills of liver, bacon and onions for the 250 officials being cooked by Amlwch Civil Defence Corps Welfare Section members left to right, Miss M. Hobday, Mrs. L. Arthur and Mrs. Ditton Jones, the Team leader. In the oven are coconut sponge puddings.
XS2000/40 Amlwch Civil Defence volunteers, left to right, Mrs. L. Griffiths, Mrs. W. Parry and Mrs. D.Richards preparing lunch for 250 Royal Welsh Show officials.
XS2014/1 Richard Pritchard, son of the family of Felin Borth, Amlwch. He was later a miller at Llanllyfni. Died 12 April 1919.
X/Dorothea/1817 1862 11 Nov. 1. Charles Chambers of Amlwch. 2. John Williams of Ty Coch. AGREEMENT for purchase of share in Dorothea Quarry. Consideration £225.
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