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Information about the history and and genealogy of Amlwch,Anglesey

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Dates of Census
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 6/7th       June 1841
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 30/31st   March 1851
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 7/8th       April 1861
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 2/3rd       April 1871
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 3/4th       April 1881
Midnight. Sun/Mon. 5/6th       April 1891

The history of UK censuses
Descriptions of some older occupations listed in the census
Glossary of old medical terms

Alternative surname spelling
For DAVIES             TRY:-  DAVIS
For HUGHES            TRY:-  HUWS , HUS,
For PARRY              TRY:-  PARY
For ROBERTS          TRY:-  RBT , RBTS
For THOMAS           TRY:-  THOS
For WILLIAMS        TRY:-  WMS