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Information about the history and genealogy of Amlwch,Anglesey

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Census data

 Church / Chapel data

Amlwch commerce & industry

Census Data
Amlwch Memorial Index
Parys mountain copper mine
Amlwch census addresses
St Eleth Marriages 1813-1837
Those killed or injured in mine
Amlwch work house 1881 St Eleth Christenings 1813-1858
The traditional industries of Amlwch
Amlwch Tithe map 1841 Amlwch Chapel baptism 1790-1836
Parys and Mona mine bibliography
Amlwch miners
Memorials inside St Eleth Church   19th Century Amlwch pubs
Amlwch Criminals 1730 -1830 Anglesey parish records 19th Century Trade directories
  Churches and chapels Amlwch trade adverts from 1911

Historical descriptions of Amlwch

 Other information about Amlwch

Maritime information

Description of Amlwch dwellings in 1780 General information about Amlwch today
Amlwch mariners
Amlwch references in Gwynedd  Archive Amlwch family history message board   

Vessels associated with Amlwch

Amlwch references at  Bangor archives Old photographs of the Amlwch area Photographs of Amlwch vessels
Amlwch and it's celebrated copper mines Amlwch Street names and map Amlwch ship wrecks
Life and times of a copper miner Old maps of Amlwch area  
  Amlwch Videos

Anglesey information

General information and help

 The Welsh language

General information today General help The History, alphabet and pronunciation
Historical Anglesey Tracing your ancestors Memorial stone inscriptions
Anglesey Census 1881
Census History Welsh place names
Old maps of Anglesey Census occupations explained Welsh first and surnames
  Glossary of old medical terms 


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