Amlwch Data

Information about the history and and genealogy of Amlwch,Anglesey

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Amlwch town and port Parys Mountain
Amlwch port virtual reality 1870s Mynydd Parys surface tour Part 1
Amlwch 1950s Mynydd Parys surface tour Part 2
Amlwch 1960s Mynydd Parys underground tour Part 1
Amlwch port 1970s ( home movie) Mynydd Parys underground tour Part 2
Octel Amlwch History Anglesey Mining
Octel Amlwch process  
Amlwch Schooner

Other local

Port history tour Porth wen brick works
Lost treasures Cemaes 1960 s
Shell Mooring buoy Llaneilian 1960s

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The copyright of the original producers and owners is recognised.
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