Parys Underground Group / Grwp Tanddaearol Parys


The environment underground is very acidic. This means that very few artefacts have been able to survive. The ones that we have found tend to be made of wood which can survive the water and, on occasions even be preserved by the copper in the water.

A metal hauling chain.
Wooden ladder at 15 fathom level.
Pisinite mineral on quartze
Bronze aged hammer stones
Silt at bottom of bronze aged pit.
Iron tubes thought to be for carrying compressed air.
Wooden barrow on 35 fathom level.
Wooden barrow on 35 fathom level.
Mine works clog at entrance to Mona mine.
Part of a balance bob in Mona mine.
Pump rod Mona mine.
Wheel barrow
Part of a pump rod.
The Bird Box...
Mineral left on wall.
Stone steps down to 45 fathom level
Wills woodbine fag packet
Wooden drainage duct.