Parys Underground Group / Grwp Tanddaearol Parys

Parys Mine higher levels


For many years the entrance to the mine was via a corrugated pipe in the ground.
We later cleared the concrete from the original miners steps and have fitted a new entrance to what was know as the "Parys footway"
This entrance to the mine was made sometime in the mid 19 century.
In 2008 we rebuilt the old compressor house to give us some shelter around the entrance.
The Parys footway was built to get miners down to the lower levels of the mine. It intersects some of the older levels on the way. This photograph shows one of the original wooden ladders being protected by a modern iron ladder.
The footway passes through the 10 and 16 fathom levels before meeting the 20 fathom level.
On the 15 fathom level examples of bronze aged maul stones can still be found in situ.
Not far from the stone hammers shown above the bottom of a bronze aged excavation pit can be seen.  Over the years silt has built up in the bottom of the pit. Samples from this material have been taken and tested. These have shown that this area of the mine was in use over 3500 years ago.
This cavern was excavated to get at the ore.  The deep pool contains a deep red coloured lake.  The colour being formed by the oxidation of iron compounds in the water.
The spiral staircase cut into the rock was once the limit of our exploration of the mine. However the removal of the water from the mine has now meant that many more levels are accessible.
These beautiful stalagmites and stalactites has been formed by iron impregnated water dripping onto the same spot for a number of years. The small straw formations are hollow and very brittle.
The rungs of a ladder are just visible in the photograph. They have been covered in the same sort of material that formed the stalagmite in the picture above.