Parys Underground Group / Grwp Tanddaearol Parys

Parys Mine lower levels


The removal of water from the mine has for the first time allowed us to access the 30 and 40 fathom levels of the Parys mine.

This opening had been hidden for many years by the hold up of water at the bottom of the spiral staircase at the 25 fathom level.

The wood work at this level is generally square cut and in better condition than at the higher levels.
There are also a number of stone built walls which support the roof timbers.
This is the bottom of the Quarry stope. For the last 5 years we have looked down into this cavern from above. It was an amazing feeling to at last be at the bottom looking up to familiar areas of the higher level.
These timbers once held work platforms at different levels within the stopes.
The previous level of water in this passageway can clearly been seen on the wall.  The roof which must have been an air pocket is covered in brittle hanging formations.
A hanging formation at the side of an upward sloping passageway which might have trapped air.
Another spiral staircase this time down to the 40 fathom level.
Looking down to the water level in at Dyers shaft.
Part of a pumping mechanism found at the cross cut chamber.
This is the joint drainage level for the Mona and Parys mine.

It connects to the drainage adit at Dyffryn Adda.


The exit from the cross cut drainage chamber which leads on to the Mona mine.