Parys Underground Group / Grwp Tanddaearol Parys

People at the mine

At it's height almost 2000 people worked at the mine. Most of these were ordinary miners who names are now only available as records in old manuscripts. Some of these names are listed below.

It is different with some of the mine Managers as their names and history are still remembered.


List of ordinary miners

This list has been generated from many sources and lists the ordinary people
at the mine and associated industries.
I would like to thank all the people who have contacted me with information for this list.


Allen ,William Injured at the mine 1881.
Burke , Edward Listed as Vitriol works manager in 1851 census. Born in Ireland.
Davies , David (b1811)  David Davies ( b1838) Copper miner and son living in Llandyfrydog in the 1850s.(Information supplied by welsh53@AOL.)
Edmund , Robert Miner killed at Parys Mountain. Inquest report July 1776.  Witnessess, Hugh Owen Coroner, William Griffith, Richard Jones, William Lewis, Evan Williams, John Morris, Andrew Paynter, Samual Elliot, Ben Hadsfield, Thomas Paynter, Morris Hughes.
Edwards, Owen Miner buried at Amlwch 19/2/1867 aged 68
Evans . Richard Lead miner of a team who dug ore from the "east end of the mother course" at Parys opencast in Sept 1827. At the end of the quarter the group had made 24/7/9 profit on the bargain.
Evans , William Smelter died 10/6/1849 aged 50. Buried at St Eleths, Amlwch.
Griffith , Hugh (1800-1862) Was being hauled up a shaft using a whimsey and bucket when the rope broke sending him to the bottom of the shaft. Many broken bones and off work for many years.(Information supplied by descendant Idris Jones,Gaerwen) 
Hughes , Abram ( b1875) Carter working at mines in around 1916. He worked a team of shire horse and lived at "Caban" on the mountain.(Information supplied by descendant Will Hughes,Cemaes)
Hughes ,Evan Trammer injured at Mona Mine 1885.
Hughes , Richard Lead miner of a team who dug ore from the North side of the Parys opencast in Sept 1827. At the end of the quarter the group had made 329 profit on the bargain.
Hughes Robert Lead miner of a team who dug ore from Deep Whimsey course  at Parys opencast in Sept 1827. At the end of the quarter the group had made 165 loss on the bargain.
Jones , Evans Manager in the employ of N. Treweek for 47 years. Died 7/3/1869 aged 60. Buried at St Eleths, Amlwch. Listed in the 1851 census as a shipping clerk.
Jones ,Hugh Miner . Fell down a shaft and was killed 1873
Jones.John Wheelwright at Parys. Buried at Amlwch church yard 7/12/1820.
Jones , Richard 
Miner who became a Methodist preacher at local chapels.
Morris , John Miner buried at Amlwch 15/1/1885 aged 65.
Norney , Abigail
(b1786 d 20/10/1885)
Aged 101 Died at Mona Yard .(Burial records Amlwch) Listed as Mona Yard keeper in 1881 census
Owen , David (b1796) Smelter at Amlwch port. Buried at Amlwch (Information supplied by descendant J.Wynne Lewis,Moelfre)
Owens , Owen Injured at Mona Mine in 1882
Owens William Carter at the mine in 1850s. (Information supplied by decendant Aled Williams.)
Parry , William Miner Injured at the Mona mine in 1881
Roberts Chief miner of a team who dug ore  at Parys opencast in Sept 1827. At the end of the quarter the group had made 67 loss on the bargain.
A miner who had been injured in the mines and worked 12 hours shift looking after the Pearl Engine. He also ran a shop and & coal business from Y Siop in Cerreg Man.(Information supplied by descendant John Roberts now living in Surry)
Thomas .Owen Miner injured at the Mona Mine 1883
Thomas , George Agent and copper refiner. His wife Anne Thomas died 21/12/1853 and is buried at St Eleths churchyard in Amlwch. She was formally from Llanelli South Wales. Their son, William Thomas died at the European hospital in Bombay age 18 in 1868. (Information supplied by Mrs Hughes,Amlwch)
Thomson, Mathew Miner in 1784 when he was married at Llanwenllwyfo. By 1800 he was a farmer at Taldrws,Rhosybol. His son Thomas Thomson was also a miner. (Information supplied by descendant Aled Jones Williams.)
Williams, Hugh Parys miner killed underground in May 1776. Inquest witnesses. Hugh Owen Coroner, Stephan Roose, Robert Price, Robert Evans, Stephan Millward, Robert William, William Jones, Joseph Dudson, Richard Hughes.
Williams, Owen Carter who live at Llaethdy Bach , Amlwch  from1823 until his death in 1867 aged 68 years.(Information supplied by descendant Aled Jones Williams.)
Williams , Richard Miner injured at Mona Mine 1884
William , Williams. Superintendent of the Mona Smelting works on 1881 census.
He was injured and rendered a cripple while in work, got ten shillings compensation and the sack. (Information supplied by descendant Hugh Gibbon.)