Welcome to Anglesey windmills

When you drive around the Island of Anglesey in North Wales you cannot help but notice the number of derelict windmills.

In the past wind and water power was very important in the process of grinding corn to make bread.  At one time the island of Anglesey grew corn not only for it's own inhabitants but also supplied other areas of Wales.

Since the demise of wind power some of these mills have been allowed to waste away to heaps of rubble while others have been renovated to make new houses.

This is an attempt to record the visible remains of Anglesey windmills as seen in 2008.

The strong westerly winds which were such as asset for the windmills is now being used with modern wind turbines. There are now 3 examples of wind turbine farms on Anglesey.

If you have any information about windmills on Anglesey please contact me.

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