wind turbines

There are now 3 wind-farms on the island that are producing electricity for the National Grid. 

National Wind Power's (NWP) Llyn Alaw wind-farm with 34 turbines. The project was completed in 1997 and has a power output of 20.4MW. The farm is at an altitude of about 70m and the height of a tower to the hub is 31m. Each rotar of 44m diameter has 3 blades and rotates at a speed of 30rpm. This produces on average 60,000,000 killowatt hours of electricity every year sufficient to meet the needs of about 14,000 homes.

NWP says that the Llyn Alaw turbines prevent about 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and 900 tonnes of acid rain from entering the atmosphere annually.

In total the 3 wind-farms of Anglesey can supply 70% of the island's domestic consumption of electricity.

The llyn Alaw site is run by npower

Rhosybol wind farm is run by the same company while a third wind farm is located near Cemaes.